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7/13/12 12:49 A

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I gained a lot of weight when I was working super-long hours and I think the stress and lack of sleep had a lot to do with it. I've heard that not getting good sleep [that is, really RESTFUL sleep for at least 8 hours] affects the hormones negatively. Hope you can work out something to change your schedule but if not, look at the exercise videos here on SparkPeople for ways to incorporate it into your regular work-day. Fortunately, the nutrition side has more to do with losing weight than the exercise side, although both are important.

One other thing I'd suggest, although it sounds counter-intuitive - that is to make one or two small changes at a time - people who try to 'change everything' because they're in a hurry to lose weight usually burn out after a few weeks because it's too hard to sustain - try making a couple of small changes such as making sure you get 8 hours sleep and drink at least 8 glasses of water, then once that is habit you can add another change or two. That way it will become part of your lifestyle.

Good luck!

Lynda in Orange County, So Calif


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7/12/12 10:05 A

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Welcome. In addition to planning your meals on the weekend, which gives you more time in the evenings, you may want to use your lunch time to walk or do some form of aerobic exercise. Many people walk outside or use a nearby gym to work out.

I understand being tired at night. I start work at 5 am and am totally beat up at 8 at night. That leaves about 2 hours to do anything else I might do in the evening. I can get in a short walk but usually not much else than that.

Most weight loss is truly due to eating habits, so you can concentrate on your eating behaviors. Pack healthy snacks.

I bought a 3 pound bag of baby carrots at my local big box store and packed it into small bags with 1 cup in each bag. It took me a bit to eat them all, but it was a good choice for me. I do the same with small tomatoes (but buy them more often) and even slice celery and zucchini into bite size pieces. I use these for part of my snacks.

Cheese sticks, small bags of crackers, a wedge of Laughing Cow or other cheese to spread, etc, can help me find a good snack.

I agree that planning and preparing at least some of your meals will help you control your calories. Some people prepare meals and freeze individual portions for later use.

My daughter makes a "green smoothie" with fruits, veggies, spinach or kale (fresh leaves don't make the thing green) yogurt. She uses frozen fruits and veggies so the smoothie is cool and fun. She took her blender to work to save some time during the morning and uses it in the break room.

Just some thoughts.

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7/12/12 9:31 A

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Welcome to the team and good luck on your journey! Since you work such long days during the week, if possible on weekends prepare a lot of foods and healthy snacks for the week to make it easier for you to pack a lunch an snacks or to have something quick when you get home. I don't know what kind of work you do, but if you can take short quick walks frequently, even if only 5 minutes at a time. If there are steps those are great too for a quick workout. If you work at a desk there are some videos on Spark with quick break exercises you can do at your desk. You can make this work for you! And there is so much support here!


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7/11/12 8:55 P

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Welcome to the team!
Good luck on your weight loss journey!
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7/11/12 6:08 P

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7/11/12 4:20 P

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That is insane to work 12 hours every weekday. HOWEVER.....you CAN make time for yourself if you want to. Certainly getting up earlier is not really an option....however if you get off at 5pm.....grab a quick dinner, and head to the gym, or out for a walk. You CAN do what you put your mind to.

You have to want this so badly you will MAKE the time for you!

MY NEW saying: (borrowed from Delila)

"If you want to do something, you'll find a way, if you don't, you'll find an excuse."

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7/11/12 3:51 P

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Welcome to the team. I'm here if you ever need anything.
Good luck with all of your goals!



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7/11/12 3:25 P

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I'm hoping Spark People with give me th spark I need to lose 50 pounds by next March. I started Weight Watchers several times but lose interest after a few weeks. I lost 35 pounds back in 2006 but have gained it back. This time, I want to finish and keep it off. My biggest challenge is exercise - I already get up at 5 am to go to work, and I have a twelve-hour day every week day. Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated!

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