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REENEY2 Posts: 302
5/10/16 7:28 P

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Hi I've been here then absent now I'm back still over weight.need to drop 25 or 30 pounds. My problem is this I can walk away the pounds with Leslie sansone I feel great with her 1 fast mile .i can follow weight watchers points plus it's not being consistant.what is it that I stop fore I see results ugh!!!!

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CD15822068 Posts: 10,557
5/3/16 1:58 A

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Hello. You can call me Judy.
I had lost 240 pounds but have gained back about 80. Want to lose about 40 of those pounds. Working hard to accomplish that by the end of 2016.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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5/2/16 4:52 A

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I joined Spark People on August 29, 2015 and am WORKING HARD at this. My hubby is very understanding when I tell him that I have to do my SP site. He also has been learning a lot to help me. I am 63 years old. I am struggling to accept the fact that life has moved so fast! My hubby is 70. Yesterday we saw a beautiful cherry red Corvette for sale and my Hubby asked me if I'd like to buy it. I said that it was a very pretty car, but that we couldn't really say that we were having a "mid-life" situation unless he thought that he was going to live to be 140 years old! LOL
I would like to lose 100 pounds, but I've got to take it either 10 pounds at a time or try to lose 10% at a time or ....I'll take anything at this point! Walking hurt my feet, but I kept at it and kept adding a little more each day. Then my dog got lame so we stopped walking the nature trails and the great results that I was having stopped. The dog is acting better so I've got to start all over again and hopefully my feet, knees, and hips will again stop being so bad when I walk.
I'm now aiming to see what I can accomplish before August 29, 2016 which will be my SP one year anniversary!

PUDDING65 Posts: 9
4/23/16 8:43 A

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I was on Spark People about a year ago, but I was gone so long and regained everything I lost along with an extra pound. So I decided to start all over again from the beginning. I am 65 years old I will be 66 in June. My goal is to lose 52 pounds this year. I'm starting to get back aches again and I might have less of them if I lose some weight.

JODIK1951's Photo JODIK1951 Posts: 291
4/22/16 7:04 P

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Not my first day on SP but I just found this group. I was off SP for a couple months due to one bad thing after another. Finally my daughter inspired me to come back. She has been having great success. I am excited to have a group for those of us that are a little older.

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4/11/16 2:43 P

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52BINCE's Photo 52BINCE Posts: 5,844
4/11/16 1:31 P

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I just joined this team and look forward to having success!

The obstacle course of life will never stop those who persevere.

Leader "Slightly Off The Wall" Team
Married to 2bdynamic

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4/9/16 10:24 A

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Thank you.

8HABIT's Photo 8HABIT Posts: 6,369
4/9/16 10:23 A

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Welcome Vicki! You will find us a very supportive team. We support each other as we strive to be healthy.

I see you have already posted on General Chat. That is where most of our members chat. We also have a Weight Loss topic and Shirley manages a simple but effective monthly challenge that helps me stay focused.


Nancy Ellen from Kansas
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- Gertrude Stein

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4/9/16 9:51 A

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I'm Vicki and I've been a member of sparkpeople off and on for the last 7-8 years. In that time I've managed to yo-yo myself up about 130 lbs. I'll lose some weight then get compliant and gain it back plus more. But now I'm starting to have health issues that wouldn't be as bad if I were at a smaller size.
I'm currently working to lose 45 lbs. Once I manage that, I'll see if I feel the need to go lower.
I'm not quite 60 yet, but will be in August. Hope that's ok.

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