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1/21/18 2:31 A

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Hello everyone! I'm writing, because I truly am so unsure on what I should do right now, I'm at a complete loss, and I'm under a great amount of stress. I haven't gained any weight yet whatsoever, but I have been experiencing most of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism,I feel tired and want to sleep every single evening no matter what time I go to bed at night, or wake up in the morning, I still feel fatigued all day, and come 5pm, every single day I'm ready to go to sleep. My hair has been falling out, it's become dry and brittle, it's become so thin which has upset me because I've always had long thick hair. My nails are brittle, I am constipated, and I feel cold all the time, especially in my hands and feet, they become so cold that my fingernails turn blue. My voice is slightly hoarsem and my face seems to be puffy on one side, so it makes my face out of shape. I've been depressed, but that;s because of how stressed out I am about all of this. I went to the doctors, and he did a blood test, which showed my TSH levels within normal range. After hearing that I had some feeling of relief until I read online that it's not always effective, and more tests may be needed. I've been constantly on edge, stressed out, crying every single day about this, and even though I've made another appointment to see the doctor, since my mum told me that if I'm not satisfied with the test results then I can go back, I just don't know what the doctor will do, I'm afraid that he won't even attempt to make anymore tests, and tell me that it's all in my head, and I'll go undiagnosed, and my absolute biggest fear right now is gaining weight, I've always been a slim girl, and my body has always been in great shape, and knowing that I could have this condition and seeing online how much weight people gained, I've become extremely weight conscious, and I'm eating weight watcher meals. My doctor weighted me while I was there, this was about 9 days ago, and he told me that I was at the exact same weight as I was 4 years ago. I just don't know if hypothyroidism is what I have, but I don't feel normal at all, I don't feel like me, I don't even feel like I'm in my own body half of the time. My question is, if I had hypothyroidism, would I have all of these symptoms before gaining weight? Or is weight gain one of the earliest symptoms? Any insight from any hypothyroid sufferers here on what is going on with me would truly be more than greatly appreciated. Thanks! :(

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