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6/16/19 8:55 A

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Gail, how are you doing now?

I'm 4'10.5". A normal BMI for my height tops out at 121.

"Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters." - Nathaniel Emmons

My hobby is writing letters and decorating them with stickers. Send me your address if you want me to send you a letter.


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4/29/19 3:01 A

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Hi Gail,
sounds like your current nutrition tracker set up is not optimal, indeed!
I agree with Tricia, if you lost 5 pounds last month without being hungry, you are fairly active and you eat at least 1200 calories... that means you are doing very well, and no need to change anything.
Those warning messages aim to prevent unhealthy overexercising and deprivation diets -. you are not doing any of those, so I suggest to disregard the warning messages, or change settings to make them go away. : )

There are different ways to set up the nutrition tracker, mine is set to not communicate with

I don't track my nutrition (but have a plan), only fitness, and every summer I get lots of warnings on fitness tracker to eat more or exercise less - because of gardening and holiday season, I exercise more... but I ignore them because I know I'm doing just fine.
My fitness tracker weekly goal is 400 fitness minutes and 2600 calories burned, usually I do 2200-2600, but in summer I often do between 3000-4000 (and still gain weight but that's another story).

If you go to your Account Settings, you can change it,
and a good SP article is linked there:


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Goal weight:
59 +- 1 kg /// 130 +-2 pounds
CET (Europe, Hungary)

Maintenance Lessons Learned:
-go on with the healthy lifestyle learned in weight loss phase
-just add healthy foods gradually to stop losing
-work out every day - 30-60 minutes is enough to maintain weight and good mood
-do not try to balance overeating by extreme workouts, it is not going to work
-avoid overeating, instead of satisfaction you get stronger cravings

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4/28/19 4:54 P

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Hi there!
I donít have a scientific professional answer by any means but hereís my take...
If you lost 5lbs in a month and was not hungry then it sounds like you are on target losing a pound a week healthily.
I have never factored in my exercise calories to determine my intake. I exercise regularly and have no clue have many calories I expend. I have an issue with ignoring my hunger signals and eat my allotment which goes against many philosophies. Still work to do there. There is so much info out there and whoís to know what is best. What is best is eating balanced nutrients and enough calories so that you are not hungry or too weak to carry out your daily activities. You should feel light and energetic as food is fuel. I used the Spark tracker for years and learned a lot about my macros. Only in the last eight months have I changed my tracking to be less cumbersome and just the last two months only track mentally. Right now itís working for maintaining, but I do believe that I may have to occasionally go back to a food journal or Spark tracker to reset myself. I now mentally keep track of number of serv/portions of each macro that is usually measured/weighed on a food scale. I eat lots of fruit and veggies. I tracked both ways until I felt comfortable that everything was in balance. I follow several Sparkers that all vary in calorie limits and the such...some lucky few can eat way more cals and others who struggle because they are allowed so little. Once again, you must find what works for you. Check hunger, energy, cravings, signs of deficiencies, etc... and if all is good, go with it. It also depends on where you are on your weightloss journey, what type of nutrition plan/philosophy you use as your guide, how you are feeling... This is a BROAD and debatable topic. Best wishes in finding your way!
Keep in touch!

A decision made about how much to weigh is a decision made on how to live. (KANOE) I have decided.

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4/28/19 11:49 A

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I'm struggling a bit. Ever since I joined SP 8 years ago, I've set my calorie etc. goals by putting in my current weight, my goal weight, and the date by which I want to meet the goal. SP then gives me a daily range for calories, carbs, fats, protein and fibre. I track my food, drink my water, and track my exercise.

Lately, since I increased my exercise, SP is telling me to eat more. I then changed the date by which I wanted to reach my weight goal, and SP lowered my calories/day. Then I exercised more, and SP told me to eat more.

I'm frustrated. I'm not hungry, but find myself eating more than I want just to get to the SP minimum. I lost 5 lbs. last month, and feel great, but I keep getting red letter warnings that I have to eat more. I wouldn't go below 1200 calories/day. Is it safe to eat between 1200 and 1300 calories/day when I'm burning 3000 calories/week on exercise?

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