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3/27/10 11:16 P

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It definitly feels better to have that "nod" from him :). Thanks for the congrads!!

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3/27/10 4:23 P

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Congrats and way to go on your belt promotion. It is an even greater feeling to get the nod from your MAster that you did a good job than the actual promotion, don't you think?
Well anyway congratulations again.

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3/24/10 9:29 P

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I was definitly ready to clean my slate this time around, which it said on my testing form. I was ready to say farwell to injuries, our family situation and expecially my lack of confidence. Test started tonight at 7:30 and we began with some "quick" kicks. My favorite fellow testers was Darryl and Jason .. who made the testing a hoot.

When I was watching, I felt nervous about it all (which is normal). Jr. called me up for my test.. I rememeber to bow before heading up. Houston, 10 ish year old, shared the floor with me tonight. We began in Cat Stance and went forward with (low, middle and high opened hand blocks). I breathed for each block, which helped me in the end... somewhat! Next we did some kicks, which I didn't do aswell. We got advanced kicks: jumping snap and double jumping snap kick...which I don't practice much.

Patterns came next and I found my nerves and breathing hurt my requirements....which my tester disagreed. I did Tae Guk Sa Jang 3 times and Oh Jang twice. It went well, my breathing kept my calm and got me threw it all. Self-Defense: I was asked before time who I wanted for an attacker and I choosed Jessica. I did my self-defense twice, for which again I was tired for. I showed lots of concentration and power in it all. I tried to do take downs for all that was possiable, some of them was harder to do. My favorite was #19 for which Jessica dropped from "standing" position.

Sparring: I definitly was getting really tired and I could feel it. I did allot of double roundhouse.. the ones with the "fakes". I also got her a few times with different kicks. Breaking: Jessica asked if I wanted to start off the breaking, but I said I needed a breathier. I didn't watched Houstons break, because I had my head down and to try to relax. Jessica and Natasha was my board holders... which they forgot to bow in..lol. I started by just practicing and getting the feel for it... so that muscele memory would take over. After getting comfortable, I started to do my "real" practices". Stephannie, who was one of the tester, said out load to go for it. I replied saying: I'm not ready. A couple more practice and I stared away at the board.. ki-op. Crack.... I broke it on my first try!

Jr. was my tester tonight and he was very proud of me! I could see it in his face and I wouldn't been happy .. if he wasn't. When I first came up to him, I felt very out of it. I needed him to re-say his questions, because I definitly wasn't there. By the terms I was more alert and gave him straighter answer. He asked me about my "lack of confidence", which was part of my mental subject (self-confidence). I said that I lost my confidence when I hurt myself and took awhile to re-gain it. After a quick answer, he left it alone. As I said before, he was proud of me and ... he told me that during our hand shake. Oh... I mentioned how I was tired and he said not to worry about it.

My New Belt: I was the last one to head up for my belt. Jr. was first, Lloyd, Stephannie and my cheering section.. Jessica, Natasha and Amanda. Each one said good job and some kind of form. The funny part came next, I had my old belt off and was getting my new ready. I COULDN'T OPEN IT UP! I tried alteast 5-6 times to seperate the belt to break it in and no such luck. I look up and said to Jr; "I need help please"! Obviously I wasn't the only one, almost everyone needed a hand.

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