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4/11/12 8:58 A

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The new plate diagram from the FDA has really helped me out. I divide my plate into sections and make sure that veggies and/or fruit take up most of the plate. Then I balance the other half with protein and grains. I don't go for seconds (unless its veggies), and I don't deny myself a sweet treat if it's a holiday. It's not a fail-safe method, but it seems to work out well.

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4/11/12 7:50 A

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I haven't been as tight with my eating lately as I have in the past. I have let the social scene get to me lately. But when I'm on my game I stick to small portions and only one trip to the food.


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4/10/12 12:18 P

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I eyeball it, and then go with my stomach. If I'm satisfied, I don't even any more, even if my plate is only half empty. Plus, I try to start with small plates. I can always get more if it's not enough, but it's harder with my family (who believes you should never throw food away) to get away with throwing stuff out.

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4/10/12 12:12 P

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I'm another one that will just eyeball portions.
With my son, I will start with small spoonfuls and allow him more if he's still hungry (I don't limit his food since he's still catching up with his weight-he was born 2 months early almost 3 years ago).



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4/10/12 12:06 P

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When I'm cooking at home I take out my measuring "equipment" and eat the proper portions. When we go out to eat I wish that I could say that I eye ball it. I know that I can't 'see' the right portions in my head. I eat all my veg. first to allow me not to eat too much of the other foods. This keeps me from eating way to much.

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4/10/12 11:48 A

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When I am home, if it can be measured I bring out my measuring equipment and do it that way. So I am pretty good there.

I've started now when eating out, checking out the nutrition before going but also taking part of it home. Last time I went out I brought half of it back and then my husband who hadn't been with me ate the rest.

The hardest time is at my in laws, I'm the second biggest other than my mother in law. But they don't eat healthy, every time I am there junk food is ordered. I normally try to bring my own food, I don't want to be rude but a lot of the time the food they order I wouldn't be able to eat for the rest of the day. Or I would get sick, I've been tested for food allergies and nothing but a lot of time junk food doesn't agree with my stomach and it is an hour and a half to two hour car ride home from where they live.

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4/10/12 11:35 A

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At my house I actually bought a whole new set of dishes (from the Corelle outlet) by picking out the sizes I wanted separately from the loose stock so I could get exactly the sizes I wanted. The sets come with huge plates (11 inches, I think), so I got their "medium" sized plates as my biggest ones (still 9 inches, but nowhere near as bad as their large plates). It cost less for the loose stock for 10 pieces each item than had I bought the sets and not gotten exactly what I wanted with fewer pieces.

For the kids, I start them out with smaller portions and allow them seconds if they're still hungry so they don't feel like they can't eat everything simply if the portions are too big. Their plates are smaller than ours, so that helps make their portions look bigger too.

At my mother's or sister's houses for the holidays, I eyeball it for my plate, we always serve ourselves. Since I've been measuring at home, I kinda know what a cup looks like. Even if the items are made with heavy stuff, I can still do ok. Usually there is only one meal served and some snacks out. Fortunately at my mother's house there are always veggies and fruits to choose from (between the chocolates).

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4/10/12 11:22 A

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I approximate for the most part and try to focus on making vegetables the main focus of the meal. We also usually serve our meals on smaller plates which really does help. My oldest daughter has a hard time knowing when to stop eating. She often eats too fast and that causes her to eat too much resulting in stomach aches. To avoid this, we try to slow dinner down and talk about our day. Eating slower and using smaller plates has helped us.

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4/10/12 10:58 A

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I eyeball it. Not the best method, but it's something.

Sunday dinner I was the second biggest person at the table of five family members all coming together. The healthiest and skinniest - my sister - served portions of pasta on the plate. They were HUGE! I was the only one who thought so, apparently. I scooped some of my pasta back in the collander to give myself a smaller portion. Nobody else did. Everybody ate their super sized portions, which honestly really surprised me. (My mom is on a perpetual "diet" and my sister and her husband are uber-healthy and health conscious.)

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4/10/12 10:49 A

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Rusell made a good point on yesterday's post. Portion control is out of control when it comes to holidays and even everyday life. Especially when kids are involved, we have to think of the future concerns of what we put on the table. How do you manage your meals when others are involved?

When I'm home to cook, I make balanced meals with the portions that are in line, but those meals are few and far between these days with my work hours. Lately the best I hope for is to have decent stuff in the house and teach moderation. When we have holidays with extended family, I think that if the portion size looks right to me, it's too much.

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