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WHOSAYS06 Posts: 32
5/27/11 3:07 A

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I too have to admit I have an unhealthy relationship with my scale. But it was a weird effect on me, if it shows that I have gained weight I work out like a crazed person that day, I double the amount of water I drink and count every single calorie and even add a few I wanted to eat but didn't (I know it's not the way the calories is supposed to be used) and then when I weigh myself again the next day or even a few days later and it says I have lost weight I give it an "in your face" and get right back on the scale again just to prove it to myself. I am aware that this is a bizarre thing and not really all that normal. Good news is I now do a 100 jumping jacks, wall push ups, squats, and leg lifts every morning before I get my day started.

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5/1/11 2:21 P

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I will be completely honest and say that the numbers on the scale is extremely important to me; maybe even too important. To some extent they are a reward for all the work I am doing and I feel very disheartened if they don't show the progress I was hoping for. My husband is very patient and he will listen to me complaining about the absense of lower numbers and he'll encourage me to see all the good things happening to me besides the weight loss.

I think listening to your body, sensing the changes happening will be a big boost. One of the biggest changes for me has been that I've bought a full lenght mirror and now I actually find myself looking at my reflection in the mirror. Even when I am not fully dressed - and I see the changes happening even if I am still a very long way from reaching my goal weight. I have also noticed I have more energy, get less sweaty when running errands, my neck and collar bone show more, I run up and down the stairs often and easily, I am not as fatigued as I used to be and so on. For me listening to my body is a new experience and I would encourage you to track little changes to see if you aren't making progress even when the scale isn't showing positive results.

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4/27/11 4:41 P

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I'm new to SP and your question with all these wonderful answers have helped me a lot to get started on the right track again. What I use to do was weigh in once a week, I found the more I weighed the more discouraged I got. Every Monday in the morning was the best time for me, so I'll stick to that. Besides having goal clothes, that for me is the best start, But obviously, do what works for you! :-)

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4/26/11 11:40 A

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It took me a month to figure out what I was doing. I was exercising more than I was accounting for and therefore not eating enough. You do have to rely on more than just the scale, for me it was being able to sit in my jeans and still breathe. I can also feel my wrist bones again.
You are in the right place though, the help here is priceless.

Sam SW352
But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward.
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4/26/11 12:54 A

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I recently went on a trip to hilly San Francisco and did a ton of walking. Before the trip, I showed up to work tired and steadily lost energy throughout the day. I sat in a chair prompting my head up with an arm on a table as much as I could. Today I showed up and within half a minute my coworkers began commenting on how glowy and full of energy I was. I did get tired when sitting in low light in a cool room to watch a movie with my students, but throughout the day, I thought of how much I would like to go for a long, brisk walk because I was too full of energy to stay still for as long as I was required to do. I wished the room was a mess I could clean up or there was decorating to take care of while the teacher taught. I experienced hunger (not starvation-just actually needing to eat). I also felt repelled by unhealthy and junk foods. I experienced increased energy and didn't want to be slowed down. This wasn't 100% of the time, but enough to realize a change taking place. Those are measurements of progress.
I am in my cycle and I can wear the same size pants that I normally wear when I am not in my cycle. That's a measurement of progress.
My flaky scalp and face are less flaky. That's a measure of progress.
The air bubbles I get in my feet are gone. I can walk more before the cramps in my feet show up after walking increasingly longer walks than when before I started losing weight. Those are measurements of progress.
All of these and more are better measurements of success than the scale can a show me. Thanks for asking this question. Answering it has helped me think about my progress and motivated me.

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4/22/11 12:08 A

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When I started my journey at over 360 pounds, I acknowledged that I have an unhealthy relationship with the scale. My whole life, I have measured and valued myself by the number I have seen on my scale. It can make or break my day. On the days that the number was bad, I started off with such a depressed state of mind, and often ended up starving myself during the day and then over-eating in the evening because I was completely famished. Then the cycle of, "Okay, I screwed up today, I'll start over on Monday," would start over again. I did this for over 15 years.

This time around, when I started at 360 pounds, the first thing I did was get rid of my scale. I vowed never to weigh myself and simply pay attention to the great feelings of health that would materialize if I simply hit my calorie and exercise targets MOST of the time. I emphasize MOST because no one is perfect, and as long as you keep going, you'll get to your goal. Forget the bad days -- focus on the good ones and congratulate yourself for them.

I've now lost 110 pounds and guess what caused me to stagnate recently? I started weighing myself again. I started judging myself and coming down hard on myself, simply because the numbers weren't always as good as I thought they should be. I started the unhealthy cycle of starving and over-eating, and next thing I knew, my weight-loss had come to a grinding halt. How could I lose faith in myself when I have kicked 110 pounds of fat out of my body? For me, the answer is simple: ditch the scale and focus on how good I feel and look.

So, I've done it again -- ditched the scale. And, guess what? The weight is coming off again, and I'm back to my happy self.

Weighing yourself may not be the answer. For some people it works, for many people it doesn't. One little trick I used was buying one or two pieces of new clothing 1 or 2 sizes too small. I call it my goal clothing. Once a month (or sometimes less), I would try to fit into my goal clothing. I would feel so great when I would start fitting into it. When I finally did fit into each piece, I would bounce around the house. I still do this -- I have beautiful goal clothing waiting for me that I try on periodically and can't wait to wear this summer. For me, this produces a way better feeling that a cold number on a device at my feet.

Good luck, girl! Best wishes to you.

4/15/11 12:03 A

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I completely agree with those things said already. One of the major things is that it seems like when we are eating such good things and watching calories so closely, the weight should just come off. I am at a place where my cardio and strength training has exceeded the amount I was eating, and now I am having to adjust and eat more. That seems so backwards, even though I understand the logic of it when I try! LOL

Good luck, and if you don't start to see a difference soon you might just have to play with adjusting one thing at a time. You can always post a detail of what you are doing and see if we can help, too!

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TRFHMS's Photo TRFHMS Posts: 163
4/14/11 7:03 P

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Thanks for this question KNITWIDGET! I was wondering the same things, and I'm glad there are some great answers here!

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KEIJAN's Photo KEIJAN Posts: 119
4/5/11 3:27 P

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Hi, I find that having fitness goals instead of scale goals helps to really keep me motivated. I have vowed to only weigh myself once a week because I got so anxious about it if I went up and then so happy when I went down. As you said, you vary so much during the day that it was just a emotional rollercoaster for me and who really needs that? Not me!

I just keep focusing on the breast cancer three day that I have committed to doing with a friend in 2012 (friend that runs WAY more than me, so I don't want to hold her back) and also doing the 5K running program and being actually able to run for 3+ miles, how cool will that be? This has really, really helped me.

I hope that you find what is the key for you! If the daily scale thing works for you, keep it up! Maybe you need that as your motivation, turn it around and say, "Dammit, I am gonna BEAT YOU!" Whatever works for you! We are here for you, every step of the way!



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4/5/11 7:57 A

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I weigh myself every Monday. When the scale doesn't give me a good number and I know I did everything right for the week I take measurements. Seeing inches lost keeps me motivated. I also know I am not going to lose 2 or 3 pounds every week so I keep going. Most of the time if I have a not so good weigh in one week the next week I have a great one. emoticon

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4/4/11 9:42 P

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emoticon to SparkPeople and to this team!

It can be really easy to get discouraged when the number on the scale is not going down. Here are some things I've noticed. Some of them even happened in the first couple of weeks.

* I have more energy.
* I can move more easily. Things like getting up from the couch and bending over are much easier.
* My workouts are easier.
* I don't get out of breath as easily.
* I have lost inches.
* My clothes fit better.
* I just plain feel better.
* I don't have as many aches and pains.
* I can see some muscle tone.
* I can see a difference in the mirror. My body is shaped differently than it was.
* My collarbone is starting to show, and other bones that were hidden by fat are reappearing.
* I'm happier and more confident.

I'm sure there are more, but those are some I can think of now. I try to focus on these things. Being healthy is my real goal. Losing weight is just an added bonus. Don't get discouraged. Just keep at it and the scale will eventually show your progress, too.


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4/4/11 4:27 P

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Are you measuring inches as well? There was a period during my first major weight loss that I stopped losing despite a similar routine, and a friend suggested taking measurements too. I found I was losing inches, but gaining muscle so fast I wasn't nudging the scale down. Even though I regained a lot of that weight, I've remained smaller than I was the last time this number was on the scale, which I know is because I'm more muscular still.

The scale fluctuates up to ten pounds in a day for me, so time of day, time you ate your last meal the day before, sodium intake (this is a biggie! track it on your nutrition page), even fibre intake make a huge difference sometimes... never mind that special time of month for women. Try changing your exercise routine up a bit - your body may be getting used to it - and also fluctuate calorie intake a bit up and down to keep your metabolism guessing. If you're not eating enough for the exercise you do, your body goes into starvation mode and slows metabolism.

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4/4/11 4:10 P

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I weigh myself almost every day, and some times multiple times in a day --- my MD recommended daily weighing, telling me that research has demonstrated that people who weigh themselves daily have better long term results in keeping the weight off.

I have to say, it's been pretty illuminating -- over the course of a single day, my weight might change by five pounds. Apparently this is normal - over the course of the day your weight rises as you eat and drink, and then as food is digested and water used up, it drops over night.

I've consistently found that my weight is lowest first thing in the morning, so when I weigh for my weekly check in, I make sure to do it then.

The rest of the time, it just reminds me why I'm doing what I'm doing.

I also keep track of my body fat percentage -- my scale does that electric thing that measures it -- I track that once a month.

I've only been really working the changes for a couple of weeks, so I haven't had a "no progress" week yet, but I'm sure I will. My plan is to not worry about it if a check of my trackers for the week shows me meeting my activity goals and calories goals at least 80% of the time.

Welcome to SP, and to 30 Somethings! (ps, I'm a knitter too!)

Rise to the occasion that is life.

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4/4/11 3:42 P

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I have a question for all of you- How much do you rely on what the scale says about your weight?

I'm just starting on my weight loss journey at 335 pounds and I know I'm meeting or doing better than all of my water, calorie, and exercise goals. However, my scale isn't reflecting the work I've put in.

My exercise has gone from nothing to doing cardio and strength training 5 days a week and I understand that I'm gaining muscle which weighs more than fat. But when the number on the scale has been "The Number" to pay attention to and that number either doesn't go down or might go up, how do you keep things in perspective?

This early on (only 2 weeks in), it's hard to feel changes in how clothes fit to use that as a guide- does anyone have any advice for how to stay motivated when the scale doesn't really show the progress you should be seeing?

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