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5/25/09 2:29 P

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I am in the 4th week of my 5k training program, I have started from zero, I had nothing to do with running, I was just able to walk for very long distances but never running. Well, some days it seems too heavy for me but eventually, in some mysterious way, I succed to do whatever my program asks. A friend of mine started with this 5k and he is running marathons now, in 2 years time.

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5/25/09 11:40 A

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If you are shooting for a 10:00 mile that would put you around 31:00 for a 5K but you might end up running it faster. I always run faster during a race than I do during training.

Since it's your first race, just finish the best you can and go from there. You will have that first time that you can start trying to beat at later 5K races.

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5/25/09 7:34 A

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Congrats! 36 mins is wonderful!


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5/24/09 7:43 P

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Congrats on finishing your first 5k !!! I'm new to running and I'm trying to work my way to a 5k and eventually do a 1/2 marathon at some point in my life. I'm still too overweight and hope that all this exercise will eventually pay off. I've done most of my running on my treadmill which I discovered is alot easier than pavement ! I'm not even thinking of speed at this point for fear of hurting myself. Reading your post has encouraged me to continue !! thanks !

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5/24/09 6:30 P

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I "competed" in my first timed 5K a couple of weeks ago. I use the word "competed" very loosely. My only competition was myself, really, because my goal was to run the whole thing with no walking regardless of pace. My time was slow, about 36 minutes. I'd be tickled to do it in under 30, but I am not going to hurt myself to do it. Just my thoughts, but I think us newcomers can set our goals too high and not enjoy the sport because we're too stuck on our time or what someone else is doing. I hurt myself the very first week of my "learn to run 5K" classes and it took me 8 weeks to recover; I had to stop running entirely for two weeks.


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5/23/09 9:01 P

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When I race I'm just faster! It's the crowd, people will energize you and you will go faster. Don't think about it, just have fun! You'll be surprised at how much faster you are on race day.

Have a good race!

Each of is an athlete, some are just in training.

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5/23/09 8:08 A

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I agree with what other are saying.

Let this be the race to set your standards by. Let this be the 5k that will set you up with a time to beat. No matter how fast or slow you run this race, you will be setting a personal best and an accurate time to beat.

best of luck and have fun with your 5k race.


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5/23/09 7:55 A

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Mike and Nancy have excellent advice. The only thing I would add is to not do any speed work this week; save that for after the race. And as Nancy pointed out, most folks are running for 6-12 months before attempting speedwork.

After you do this 5K I would be willing to bet my new pair of running shoes that you will be hooked and will be signing up for the next one soon.

Don't forget to write a race report. I know you're going to be happy with your time.


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5/23/09 7:14 A

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As a new runner speed should not be your focus at this time...that will come. You need to allow your body to adapt to the rigors of this sport. That being said if you are not running on at least a 1-2% incline on that treadmill you need to do so. The reason is running at a 0% grade is equivalent to running on a long, slow degrade. The 1-2% (I always use 2%) will make the transition to outdoor running a tad easier. Most people need to wait at least 6 months to a year after taking up running before working on speed, however, know too, that we are all an experiment of one, therefore what works for one may not work for someone else. But your goal as a runner is to stay healthy and injury free and with speed work comes a greater risk.

As far as your finishing time...I go by this standard..."Train to race: DO NOT race to train". In other words, you will be amazed how much adrenaline and just doing your race will be speed your time.

If you are following a plan, keep to your plan and I would avoid spinning or any other activity the week of your race that uses your leg muscles in an aggressive way. You want your glycogen reserves loaded and ready to go and muscles refreshed when you hit the starting line. BEST OF LUCK!


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5/22/09 11:29 P

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Janlem, You are doing this the right way. I wouldn't change your schedule this week. Next week I would run a short run on thursday and rest on Friday. During the race you will be hyped up and you end up with a good time. does the course have a lot of hills? After the race you can work on speed.

I have a 5k next week and have been running a long run on Mondays 4-6 miles on Wednesdays I do speed intervals on the treadmill run at 5.5 and bump it up to 7.5 for speed. 4 minutes at 5.5 1 minute at 7.5 and do this for 45 minutes and a short run on Friday 2.5 miles or so. This has helped increase my speed.

good luck to you

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5/22/09 11:06 P

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This is my first post to this board. I am about to start the FINAL week (yeah-hoo!) of the C25K program and all is going well. I had been doing the workouts indoors on my treadmill up until about 2 weeks ago when the weather finally got nicer (and I got brave enough to give outside a try). I had been doing my running section at 6mph (10:00 miles) and I pretty much cannot improve on that pace even now outside. No matter whether like I feel like I am running slightly faster, it is always right around 10:00 to a mile!

So my question to you is...I am running my first 5K in two Saturdays - should I expect a time of around 30:00? Is under 28:00 unreasonable? If not, how do I go about improving my time and running faster between now and then? How many workouts should I get in between now and then? I also workout at a gym between the 3 weekly runs - bootcamp, spinning, yoga, step, pilates classes for a total of 6 workout days a week. What would be a good schedule? Should I slow down the week before, and if so how much?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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