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5/9/09 2:54 A

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I understand where you are coming from. It is really hard to live with an uncontrolled bp. I have been in his position. Since there are children involved I would get another place to stay. I know you love him and want there to be a "family". That is not going to happen until he gets the right meds and he takes them everyday at the same time.

Does he have a pdoc? If so call his pdoc. Tell the pdoc just what you have told us. The doc can put him in the hospital for 72 hours. Maybe with that much rest and he on better meds things will be better. Or maybe the pdoc will not think it is time for him to leave.

Now if he has hit you or one of the children then get as far away from him as possible. Do not look back. You will regret looking back the rest of your life.

My hubby put up with me (I really have no idea how he did it) for 25 yrs this month. The difference is there is no children here. I am so happy he stayed.

I have left 4 abusive wordy and punchy, husbands before him. I have been on both side of this fence.

I would call his pdoc, if your married especially, give him the scoop. Try that first.

Good luck, Lots of hugs to you.



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5/8/09 1:12 P

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I agree you need to find a way out. That is not a good environment for you or the kids to be in.

Try to hang in there. I know that it is hard. Can you journal any of the behavior at all? Maybe that would help for when you talk to someone.

I feel for you in this situation.

Blessed are those who bring out the BEAUTY in others!!

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LOVE is a blessing that comes from the HEART.

ENCOURAGEMENT is a blessing of HOPE.

Being wth those you LOVE is a BLESSING!!

Blessings come from sharing HAPPINESS.

Live well, laugh often, and bless each day.

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5/8/09 10:33 A

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I hate to suggest this, but considdering he's abusive (verbally) and out of control. Call a shelter and move in there with the kid(s). Your right, it is too much. Get out of there if possible. I could be wrong, it's an option to considder. Maybe moving out will make you not need the meds anymore. I think your husband is making you sick and he is too sick to care.


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5/8/09 10:23 A

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My husband was diagnosed bipolar a year ago. He's been off and on 8 different meds, briefly tried therapy, read a bunch of self help books - none of it is helping. He claims he is better than he was a year ago, but he is not. He still has many times of mixed episodes where he becomes dysphoric and is simply abusive (verbally, emotionally) to the kids and I and comes very close to being physically abusive.

I am not handling all this well as my one daughter also has bipolar, ADHD, and ODD. It is all too much stress for me.

I went to the doctor a week and a half ago for anxiety meds. He checked my blood pressure and it was 185/105 so he said all he could give me right now was Klonopin. He was hoping that would relax me and bring my blood pressure down. So went back to the doctor 3 days later and my blood pressure was down to 180/100. He hooked me up to an EKG, ordered blood and urine tests, and said 2 Klonopin a day for a week, no salt, no caffeine, no exercise, no stress (HAHA!) and I go back today. Apparently if he gives me blood pressure meds, he can't give me the anxiety meds. ARGH!

So this morning, my "wonderful" husband, who is now taking Lamictal and is hovering at hypomanic, screams at me to wake me up saying "GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED AND GET THIS KID READY FOR SCHOOL!!!" (It was almost 2 hours before she needed to leave. We both normally would have slept another hour.) When I sleepily said "Stop yelling at me", he starts screaming again "NO I F#CKING WILL NOT" and on and on.

Dunno how to handle it anymore.

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