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11/28/19 5:45 P

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I don't know if the original posters are still around but I hope you eliminated the problem.
If not, there is help.

First, know that a female bed bug can lay up to 10 eggs a day. It usually takes several days, if not weeks, to arrange for an exterminator to come in to spray. Let's say 2 weeks, 14 days. That is 140 eggs from one female. Most of those hatch, and then the cycle repeats, so yes, it can seem a never ending cycle. But don't wait for the eggs to hatch. Be proactive.....

DAILY vacuum ALL areas that the bed bugs are prone to go - use your crevice tool and get into every nook and cranny. and dispose of the bag every day so they cannot crawl out and re infest. Buy an aerosol spray can (for home use) It has a tiny nozzle to direct the spray into all those crevices. Then follow up with dusting of baking soda, In addition, make sure you change and wash your bedding daily, put all your clothing into a HOT dryer daily then seal them in plastic bags or containers. (Freezing them does not kill them, but heat does)

There are sticky tape traps that will catch them if they walk over them so place them around your home where they might travel and check them daily. I have some in my place all the time. If you can, place some double sided sticky tape on the floor around the beds, couches and other furniture, and at your doorways and under baseboard heaters.

They love wooden furniture (sorry) corrugated cardboard, soft goods (clothing, bedding, linens) hiding under baseboards, and so forth. So get rid of what you can -- burn what you can (remember, heat kills them) Seal the baseboards by using caulking along the top and bottom so the bedbugs cannot get in there.... Clear caulking is unnoticeable to the untrained eye...

Put your mattress in special bags that seal so then they can't get into the mattress. They can be pricey, but are worth it.

What started out as a single bug carried into my home on the shoe of a care-aid, turned into several. I did all of the above (except the bed because I don't have one - I can't sleep flat) and by the time the exterminators came in - several weeks later - they were all gone. So far I have not had a recurrence, and it has been almost two years....

Oh, one more thing. Several residents of my building are prone to picking stuff up at roadsides or garage sales, second hand shops, etc. If you do this, make sure you check everything carefully before you bring any second hand items into your home.

I hope this information will help anyone who still has problems with this.....


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8/17/19 12:50 P

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10/10/17 9:19 P

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My daughter and I live in an area that has bedbug issues (there's a landlord underneath her who has wall to wall mattresses and rents them by the day) and they have finally hit her condo. We've had it professionally treated and fingers crossed we don't have to do that again. It was pretty toxic -- all breathing things had to vacate and even a week later, she had puffy eyes.

I use peppermint to discourage mice -- so I'm wondering if there's something natural that could be used to discourage the vampiric bedbugs.

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