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7/26/12 7:20 A

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So true!


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7/25/12 6:57 P

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I love this post so much I shared it with some friends who are on a diet/exercise group on facebook. Thank you!

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7/18/12 6:54 P

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emoticon Post Dee! I truly enjoyed reading it. emoticon for sharing.

"I lift up my eyes to the hills-where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth."
Psalm 121: 1-2 (NIV)

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7/18/12 11:49 A

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So true Dee. I know I'm my own worst enemy. My DH yells at me all the time when I put myself down, and makes me think of the things I do and do well, etc. Guess we all have to learn the best way to take care of ourselves, as well as we do our families...

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7/18/12 9:29 A

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You know, at 47 years young I am starting to recognize that dieting is a lot like self-parenting.

For as long as I can remember - for me - and for many of my clients - dieting is living a life of extremes and is usually quite strict and punishing. At least the type of dieting I used to put myself through. It is a life of good or bad, all or none. It is a life of punishing exercise where you don't miss a day at the gym even if you are sick or sore from the prior day's workout. It is where you are worthy and loveable when you pass up your favorite dessert or you are pathetic for having no willpower and giving in to the dessert.

DIeting is a form of self - abuse. At least THAT kind of dieting is.

Finally, after 47 years of dieting (yes, I was on a diet right out of the womb! haha)... I am beginning to play around with the idea that - HEALTHY dieting, HEALTHY living is really like self-parenting.

You need to ALWAYS be loving
You need to be disciplined but you also need to know when to ease up
You need to ALWAYS be loving
You need to be supportive of your goals and encouraging
You need to be gentle but not too gentle - else one doesn't grow or achieve their desired goal
You need to ALWAYS be loving

Think about the things we tell ourselves (most of us anyway) when we are dieting and we "Mess up" .... I don't need to write them out here .... we each have our own way of abusing ourselves...

We need to ALWAYS be loving. If you had or have a child and that child messed up working towards a goal... what would you say to him/her? I doubt very much that you would berate them or insult them. Yet we tend to do it to ourselves.

You know how they say we can be our own worst enemy? Well... I think it is time to be my own best parent!

That is my rant for today! :0)

It is not enough to simply show up. You need to step up for results.... keep on stepping! Dee

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