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3/20/15 4:11 P

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One thing to do with making meals is to plan them out over the weekend when you may have some extra time. Make them over the weekend and just freeze them and take them out one day at a time.



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11/3/14 11:52 A

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I'm a working mom to a 3 year old and a 17 month old. My husband also works full time and is going back to school full time. It's a bit crazy around our house. I'm surprised at how much I fit into a day! Hmmm. I don't know that I have a ton of tips. I try my best to plan ahead in terms of meals. I don't always do this, but if I can take a few minutes after the kids are in bed, I'll find some recipes that look good and healthy, then make a shopping list based off of the needed ingredients. You can find recipes that take around 10 minutes to make if you look! Pinterest is my best friend. :) Then I try to pick recipes that work with the day. If my husband has to work that night, I'll choose a shorter recipe as he tries to get a nap before work and we have limited time. On weekends, I do the longer recipes I've been wanting to make. Crock pot recipes are amazing too! LOVE coming home to have already prepared food!

For chores I try to keep up as best as possible. I usually do the clean-up and dishes from dinner as the kids are finishing up. My feelings go both ways on this. Ideally, I'd love to sit with my kids at the table for the extent of the meal, but I just can't right now. When my husband is done with school in May, then we'll have a bit more time and maybe dishes will be able to wait. If I don't do them, they don't get done and then they start to pile up (we don't have a dishwasher). My husband is nice enough to do some laundry. That's always been his thing. If I notice it piling up though I try to just gather it all up, sort it at once and just start going at it - load after load. I pretty much pick up the kid's rooms and our living area every night around the time the kids are getting ready for bed, and then some after they're in bed.

Ironically, my husband told me a couple weeks ago that I "take too much pride in our house." Meaning, I get too stressed about things not getting done EVERY night. Then, I just happened to be super busy for a few evenings and yesterday BAM there were 3-4 days worth of dishes for me to do and it takes so long! I told him this was one example of why I feel I MUST do them nightly. If I don't do them right away, then there are so many that I keep putting them off as the pile builds up.

I try to vacuum every other day or so. We have laminate and dark colored rugs. Our dog's hair shows so easily on the laminate and the rugs pick up fuzzies like crazy! Dusting...eeahhh...I'm not much of a duster. I do the basics, but there is a lot I skip over! :) Bathrooms are one thing my husband will help a bit with too. We will often wash the shower/tub while we're showing. Kill two birds with one stone. Haha. Toilets are easy to throw some cleaner in and scrub before the next time I go. Windows/mirrors don't get washed as much as I'd like. They're just not priority.

Honestly, again, I'm not sure how I do it. When my husband first started his school program I make a "chore chart" and actually hung it in our home. I was determined to do one room a day, but I found that I just couldn't stick to that as some days are much busier than others. I took it down and now I just do the best I can. Some days my house looks great and some days it looks like a disaster, but we're alive, we're fed and we're making it through his schooling. :)

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10/28/14 8:50 P

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I'm a working mom with a 14 year old and a 17 month old. I don't have a lot of time to cook or clean and it's driving me crazy. My husband is a picky eater. How do you all save time? What do you do to keep the house clean, laundry folded etc etc?


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