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5/18/14 2:27 P

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I haven't had much success with finding time yet. Because my husband and I are so busy we end up talking or sleeping during time when our 3 and 6 year old are napping. Sometimes after they go to bed we do couples stretching but not very often. I have to try and get time in before work if I have any after cleaning up the mess from when they were home with daddy yesterday and tons of laundry. So still working on it but hopeful.

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5/16/14 10:23 A

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We have 3.5 yo twins...

It takes a minimum of 30 minutes from "Is everyone ready to go?" until we're in the car or stroller actually moving.

So, 15 minutes for one sounds about right.

Honestly, we only had any success getting out for exercise by putting the kids in the jogging stroller at nap time. Then, they snooze, and we'd go for a long (~5 miles) walk. We tried to stick to neighborhoods and things like that.

Now they're a little bigger, and getting ready to lose the nap... but they're also more interested in just riding and having fun. Although, one time we did have to make sure the route went past Dairy Queen on the way home.

For me, personally, getting to exercise first thing in the morning was the only solution once you add work in there. So, instead of going to bed at 11 or 12, I go to bed about an hour after the kids (so them at 8, me at 9) and get up at 5, exercise, and head to work.

it DOES get better, especially as the kids get older and start school!

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5/6/14 9:11 A

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Believe me, everyone with small children are running around crazy. I'm a stay at home mom, so the exercise part is easier for me. But I am having issues with eating out instead of cooking. I've talked to my husband about us eating at home more, and I've just cooked meals and told him he can get himself something else if he wants. I've also reminded him how much money we save when we eat at home.

Good Luck!


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5/2/14 12:44 P

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I so feel your frustration, it's a headache and a challenge to do anything with a two year old sometimes it seems. I've got two older kids as well, and that makes everything more complicated. I have to slip in my workouts while I'm still in my jammies and usually it's a 20 minute youtube or spark people exercise video off of my computer. Sometimes I have to do it with him hanging around or at times on me and it sucks but it's better than nothing.

If I don't meal plan I don't cook and we end up going out for fast food, which I hate. I've found a few recipes that I can crock pot and serve over rice (which I can set my rice cooker to have ready at a certain time, and keep warm after that).

It's all gotta be what you feel up to changing and doing. Maybe just start out with planning one meal at home a week, something easy and good like a fast stir fry or even a sandwich loaded with veggies.

You can do it, baby step at a time!

Progress, not perfection!

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4/30/14 5:18 P

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Hi! I am trying to get back into a fitness and nutrition routine and just came across this group. My daughter is 2 and a half. Most days, I feel like I'm on autopilot, rushing from one thing to the next. But, I look at everyone around me and they're able to accomplish so much.

This is a typical day for me:
Wake up at 5
Get to work by 7
Scheduled to leave at 4, usually end up leaving between 5 or 5:30
Get home by 6
Get takeout or eat at a restaurant
Put daughter to bed at 9

Millions of people juggle parenting, work, and manage to take care of themselves in the process. How do you do it? I worry about working out--that cuts down on my time with my daughter. How much time are you able to spend with your kids on weekdays? I have a jogging stroller and try to take her for runs, but she doesn't like to stay in the stroller. So we end up spending 10-15 minutes while I get dressed, keep her busy, get her snacks just to get out the door, and then turn around after a block (if that). Does it really take you 10-15 minutes to leave the house every time you want to leave the house?

When I buy groceries, they tend to sit in the fridge and then spoil. Husband likes to eat out, so it's hard to convince him get into a routine. I had a great routine a while back, but then was promoted to a super stressful job. I recently moved to a less stressful position (supposedly), but I just can't get a routine back.

I'm really not in bad shape, but I'd like to be more toned and eat less processed crap. I know my mood and energy levels are suffering because of the way I eat.

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