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CD4509749 Posts: 1,144
6/23/13 3:39 P

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Although it's not typical, there have been times when I have not eaten dinner. HOWEVER, I am also a person who eats pretty much all day long. So, if I were to miss dinner, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. It would be more likely to happen if I had eaten a late snack and I just wasn't hungry at dinner time. But, then, I might end up eating an additional snack after dinner time. So, although it would seem like I skipped dinner, it would be more accurate to say that I had several snacks in lieu of dinner.

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6/23/13 2:06 P

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I do eat dinner - every night, and, unfortunately, that seems to be my biggest meal of the day. Trying to break that habit though and keep breakfast lundh and dinner all about equal with three smaller snacks.

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5/29/13 1:06 P

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I always eat dinner, and like most others that have commented I eat every meal and generally 2 snacks. But I also do eat smaller meals, so breakfast might be a slice of whole wheat toast and an orange, then I'm hungry 2 hours later and have a snack, 2 hours later I eat lunch, 2 hours later is another snack and then dinner is usually 2-3 hours after that.
I usually workout early in the morning before I've eaten, I do sometimes workout later in the day so I've already got food on my stomach but I haven't noticed if I have more energy or am able to get in a better workout at those times.
I agree with most everyone that you shouldn't skip meals, your body needs fuel. Lots of small meals throughout the day is the best way to keep your energy up and maintain your blood sugar.

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5/29/13 9:37 A

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I'm not sure how common it is, but I do know your body really should be fed at night because of the overnight fast it goes through. It is not good for your body to go that long. So no matter what anyone else does, make sure you keep enjoying your dinner meals!


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5/29/13 8:38 A

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I eat all.the.time.
No, seriously... I pretty much graze all day. I generally don't go more than 2-4 hours between 'meals' - some of which are more snacks than meals. Longer than four hours and I get a banger headache.
I generally like to have a little something a half hour or so before a run (never closer). Your body needs fuel. Especially when you are asking more of it. FWIW ;)

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CD9610589 Posts: 652
5/29/13 7:31 A

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As a personal opinion(only personal)), I would not skip any meals especially when you participate in an exercise routine. I do feel, however, that what constitutes as a meal varies person to person. I always eat 3 meals a day and at least 1 or 2 snacks. Some people might consider my breakfast a snack, since it usually an Atkins bar and almond milk, perfect for me that time of the morning. I make vary wise choices in my selection and in my portions which keeps my blood sugar in check and provides the nutrition for good health and the fuel needed to power through my runs and strength training. Can't run our engines on empty.

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5/28/13 8:43 P

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We don't always easy a formal dinner. Tonight was leftovers from the weekend, but sometimes dinner is a bowl of cereal or I'll whip up some pancakes and eggs. I do always eat in the evening though. My stomach will growl at me all night if I don't! For me, I find myself skipping lunch often, just because I don't have a set time to eat, it's just whenever I can fit it in. Sometimes I'll try to make an especially filling breakfast or pack a protein shake if I know my day will be super busy.

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5/28/13 8:24 P

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Weird question, I know! One of my neighbors/coworkers recently became my running buddy. We ran a 5k together over the weekend and afterwards she commented that she had eaten dinner the night before (her birthday) and was able to run really well because of it. She said she oftentimes feeds her kids dinner (she has 4 from ages 4-15) but doesn't feel like eating herself. I thought this odd because last week she mentioned that she doesn't usually eat lunch because they eat an early dinner. Haha, so I'm wondering when she actually does eat. I run at 5am (as does she) and am usually pretty weak if I haven't eaten the night before. We usually sit down for a family meal though so it's rare that I don't eat. Just curious how normal it is not to eat dinner.

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