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7/25/13 6:51 P

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I registered for my first ever half marathon. I'm making my long runs on Sunday with my running group. My training program definitely does not have me doing too many long runs. For example, on one day, I only run 2 miles and on another day, I will run 3 miles, then run my long run.

Also, you may want to get the Runner's World August 2013 magazine. It's the Half Marathon Special.

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7/21/13 1:17 P

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Totally agree that I may be running too frequently. I do try to take one rest day a week and walk some hills.It would be really nice if I could purchase a "one day a week" gym pass somewhere to utilize the bikes and strength training equipment for an off day.

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7/21/13 12:36 P

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Working theory says that you should be able to run twice the distance of your longest run - it may not be pretty, but possible. With your longest run at 8 miles, you have a half well within your means. Sounds like you are running daily (or close to it) to get 40 miles a week and a long run of 8 miles. So yes, your weekly miles are kinda high. You might do better to drop a day or two out of the week; gives you more recovery time (important!), and reduces the overall mileage, but gives you more gas for a longer run.

Time for that long run - aye, therein lies the rub. You want to do the longer races, you have a huge time commitment. That was the main reason I shied away from the marathon (wanted to do one for my 50th birthday). I actually set out to do a 50K for my big 5-0, but time commitments were thwarted by my father's illness and attendant needs. Once I got up to 20 miles for the long run, I said enough and just did a marathon distance and called myself finished. Long events and ultras just take too much time for the training. The half is doable because once you are up to 10 miles for your long run, you are more than 3/4 there, and effectively ready. But still it does take time. Good luck to you on that!

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CD9610589 Posts: 652
7/20/13 2:24 P

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I've just completed my first week of training for a fall half...never done one before.
Looking over my training plan, from my coach, we aren't scheduled anywhere near 40 miles in a week. You might be having trouble breaking the 8 mile distance because you're overextending your mileage as a whole. Just a suggestion. I totally trust my coach, he is a certified trainer that has done this for years.(28 per week is our highest and then slowly taper down up to race week).
Good luck and happy running!!!

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7/20/13 1:15 P

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I have been running since the end of March after a ten yr stint of daily "power walking." I was able to increase my mileage without too much difficulty and have really come to enjoy the sport. Like many of you, I run in the early morning hours so it doesn't effect my time spent with the kids.
I think about running a half marathon all the time. I'm kind of obsessed with it. I've reviewed many training plans. Currently I'm running about 40 miles a week but that's broken down to my longest run only being 8 miles. I'm finding it really hard to get past that distance mentally and also due to the time commitment. I'm getting up at 5:30 on the weekends but my boys are usually waking up by the time I'm finished 8 miles so it makes it hard for me to continue further. The halfs in this area aren't until Oct and the big Philly one in Nov so I have time. But I guess I'm looking for some advice/ stories of how you all are able to get your long run in without putting in a ton of add'l miles/time. I don't know if there is an easy answer b/c I will be really upset if I have to walk a portion of the race!

On a separate note- I've never used an energy gel or eaten while I'm running. I am super sensitive to caffeine so may have to stick with something like M&M's or jelly beans. I haven't felt the need for them yet but wondering at what point I will. I am kind of nervous to eat while running bc idk if I will tolerate it.

If hunger isn't the problem, food is not the answer.
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