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8/6/09 5:56 P

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On November 15, 2009, looking back to today, what has to have happened for me to feel successful with my TANGO performance ...

~ I confidently know my routine
~ I sizzle on the dance floor and am very HOT!
~ I have strenghtened my muscle tone
~ my legs are strong and hold me during the routine
~ I have balance
~ I am graceful
~ Matt and I complete the routine flawlessly
~ I weigh 170 lbs and look fabulous!
~ my skin glows
~ my body feels good
~ my nails and the skin around them are healed
~ I have tons of energy from eating healthy and hydrating myself properly
~ my hair is fabulous
~ I receive tons of accolades from admirers
~ I obtained an outfit that flatters me, is in keeping with our theme and is easy to move in for both me and Matt
~ I have pushed myself beyond what I thought I could
~ I am enjoying life and sucking every drop of it from every day
~ my pouch is gone and I have rock hard abs

Today, may I make good decisions that create positive outcomes and may I have wonderful, loving people in my life to share this awesome journey with.

"As Aristotle said, ďWe become what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.Ē The same can be said of enthusiasm, excitement, and passion. It is a habit, and a choice we make, moment by moment. "- Teresa Easler

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8/6/09 4:13 P

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It sure doesnít take long for three years to pass by. But as I look back at where I was then, and where I am now, I sure can see progress. I am in such a better place now Ė mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and health wise.

Three years ago, our little country church was in the process of shutting its doors. I was so frustrated with all the fund raising and other steps going on trying to Ďsaveí the church that I didnít realize God was calling me to an even better community of faith. I am ever so grateful for this new opportunity to serve, and for the people I have met by reaching out to a new faith community.

With both boys now gone, we are Ďempty-nestersí. This has been a huge release for my husband and I, and we are really enjoying getting to know each other better. We are still finding new things to share and talk about. Our dream of owning a motor home and traveling around North America is so close now. We are both getting very excited about the new roads that will open up for us.

Our home and yard look fantastic. We were able to finish shingling our roof that summer, and later that same year made plans for hubbyís shop and garage. He loves to build with wood, and refinish old automobiles, but we really didnít have a proper place for him to do either. Seeing those plans come to completion and watching him as his dream unfolded was magical. Iím so thankful that he has that space now. He has built some wonderful things for our house.

I canít believe how much our cash flow has improved since three summers ago. I believe that most of it comes from not doling it out for our sonís activities and school, as well as feeding and clothing them! They are both doing very well. The older one has been working full time for just over three years now, and has had two promotions. He is learning so much, and seems to really enjoy it. Our youngest son has just finished up his first year of College, and on a scholarship no less! His marks show us how hard he has been working, and we are very happy about his progress.

Back to the cash flow Ė we started working with a Financial Planner. She was able to show us how to take advantage of several opportunities. Remember how badly the market was in the tank in í09? We were able to research several good companies, and invest at the time. Since the marketís recovery, we have done very well and are starting to sell our investments and place the funds into more secure avenues. I believe that we will always keep some money in the stock market. We have learned so much since that time, and itís kind of fun watching the ups and downs.

Our parents are both still living in their own houses. We have opened up discussions with both sets of parents about what their wishes are going into the future. Although we initially we frightened of talking with them about death and dying, it has really been good for everyone involved. We have learned of their favorite hymns, and have shared so many childhood memories. Our relationships are closer than ever, and I cherish that.

Work has been challenging, but I like that better than boring. I was able to finish off that last class for my Fellowship last year, and itís been a huge weight off my shoulders. All along I was hoping graduate with honors, and I did it! I aced my last class with a score in the low 90ís. I have that feeling of wondering what to take next, but at this stage in my life, I think I may just take a few years off from more school work. The juryís still out on that one!

Soon after receiving my Fellowship, I was offered a promotion. It involved traveling, but the timing was perfect since the children are no longer at home. I love meeting with the people Iíve only heard over the phone. Training and sharing ways of doing things is what I was born to do, and Iím enjoying every minute of it.

Staying active is no longer something I have to think about. I am no longer a couch potato. I was enjoying being able to run, but once I got down to my goal weight, running just took on a life of its own. I have completed two marathons, and several half-marathons and 10kís. I was so happy to meet several of my spark friends while traveling to these events, and itís been so much fun. I love what I have become, and how I can use my body now. It just feels good.

Well, itís been so good to talk to you again. We must do this more often, and not leave it for three years like the last time. Come, give me a hug!

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8/6/09 12:36 P

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Hi Noreen!

This is a GREAT question. I just wanted you to know that not only have I read it over several times, I am taking a few days to thoroughly digest the question and compile my response - namely because I know it will include several facets as I'm constantly working on several goals at the same time.

I plan to respond on Saturday after my work week! In the meantime, I'm reading ahead to Question #2 so that it might all flow together at the same time!

Thanks so much! Putting things in writing is one of many GREAT ideas that help you move toward goals.


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8/5/09 10:26 P

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Oh, hello, everyone -- it's been so long -- what, three years? How have you all been? I've thought of you often! You all look Fabulous!

Me? Things have been going really well! Of course, thanks to all your support, I lost the weight I wanted to and I've maintained it since then. I also have been steadily involved with dancing, yoga, and other strength-building classes, so I feel really happy, lean, and strong. I especially love my triceps and my strong middle. :)

I also started meditating regularly and that has led me to a wonderful spiritual community that has added immeasureably to my life.

Oh -- and my career has really taken off. I was a little confused there for a while, but I got clear quickly -- and am loving my work. I earned a graduate credential at a fabulous college that was quite inexpensive but also hugely valuable to me. It was a perfect mix of somatic work, energy work, spiritual practice, and traditional psychology.

While I'm still teaching and training in communication and conflict resolution -- I've added new work as a counselor and coach for people trying to gain clarity at critical decision points in their lives. I've been able to use my natural abilities -- and new skills -- to help so many people blossom. It's unbelievably satisfying.

The work pays very well and I've been able to make donations to causes I support, help my niece and nephews, and do some travelling. I've also built a small, energy-efficient home on an eastward looking hill in my old neighborhood.

It's sweet, sunny, beautiful, green, easy to maintain -- and I've got lovely perennial and vegetable gardens. Since I do some of my counseling and coaching work on the phone, I am not spending as much time commuting -- am able to focus more time on leading a balanced and healthy life!

My love life? Well, I've had quite a few suitors -- and a few lovers! -- and I am blessed to have many close friends, both male and female, who make my life rich and full. The really big news on this front is that while attending graduate school I met a wonderful man who is a kindred spirit in so many ways. Our relationship is deepening every day.

So wonderful to see you all!


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To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking. - A. DeMille

No matter what youíre feeling, the only way to get a difficult feeling to go away is simply to love yourself for it. If you think youíre stupid, then love yourself for feeling that way. Itís a paradox, but it works. To heal, you must be the first one to shine the light of compassion on any areas within you that you feel are unacceptab

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8/4/09 11:11 P

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I must stress that you read the question carefully several times. Make sure your answers are in the affirmative, as if they have all ready happened. Some Example: I will have purchased a new house, I will have a job making "x" amount (whatever "x" is for you) Of course, your answers will be completely different and you may put anything down that you wish. This is your passport, so stamp it as you please :)


If we were meeting here _________(e.g. 3 years) from today - and you were to look back over those __________ (e.g. 3 years) to today - what has to have happened during that period, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy about your progress?

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Today, may I make good decisions that create positive outcomes and may I have wonderful, loving people in my life to share this awesome journey with.

"As Aristotle said, ďWe become what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.Ē The same can be said of enthusiasm, excitement, and passion. It is a habit, and a choice we make, moment by moment. "- Teresa Easler

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