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12/23/16 8:55 P

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Probably before Christ.

12/22/16 9:09 P

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No -- I've never broken anything that I didn't own up to -- at a friend's house or elsewhere. I also suffer from an overly active conscience, and I tend to beat myself up if I think there is even any possibility I've done something wrong.

Paula -- Waco, TX area
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12/22/16 4:16 P

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I don't think so


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12/22/16 3:20 P

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12/22/16 12:22 P

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I don't think I've ever broken something like that.

As for Christmas I ours say do what you need to do for you. If you're going to feel worse going with family then don't. Just fix dinner at home and have a nice quiet day. If the need to be around your family is for their sake then don't get pulled into something for the sake of others. It's great to want to help them but you need the time to take care of yourself right now too.


Last is just the slowest winner."-C Hunter Boyd

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12/22/16 11:45 A

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I think those cargo workers just throw the luggage......I worked at the airport and they do..

I saw them....but she still should of bought a new one.... emoticon

Take time to THINK...It is the source of power.Take Time to READ..It is the fountain of wisdom.
Take time to PRAY..It is the greatest power on earth. Take Time to LOVE and BE LOVED..It is a God-given privilege.
Be FRIENDLY, It is the road to happiness.. take time to LAUGH..it is the music of the soul.
Take time to Give it is too short a day to be selfish.. Take time to DO CHARITY..
it is the key to heaven.
I live in El Paso, TX

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12/22/16 10:24 A

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Oh, no. I don't think I've ever broken anything at a friend's house, but if I had, I definitely would have told them and offered to replace it.

Now, I did have a friend who borrowed my stroller a few years ago for a Disney World trip. It came back broken and unusable. She blamed it on the airplane cargo workers, and when I insinuated that I would like her to replace it, she got offended and then said well, she guesses she could replace it, though she's not the one who broke it. She never did replace it, though. Thankfully, my daughter was getting old enough that she could function without a stroller, because I really didn't want to buy her a new one when she was 4.

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12/22/16 8:55 A

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No, I have the worst conscience in the world. I'd beat myself up over it, so if I ever did that I'd tell them right away and try to make it right.

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12/22/16 8:43 A

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Don't think so

Objects in the mirror will get thinner than they now appear

MaryAlice from Horseshoe Bend AR

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12/22/16 7:47 A

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QUOTE: “Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and fingertips.” ~ Dawson Trotman

QUESTION: Have you ever...broken something at a friend’s house and then not told them?

Not that I recall.

Another busy day. Tomorrow will be somewhat normal as we will only be down one attorney. Friday, however, will be more difficult as there will only be 3 of us and only 2 of us will be in the office. My co-worker works from home. I do hope we do not have any major crises as we will have to work through them ourselves. So, I think I have finished my shopping...or most of it. Not all of it will be here prior to Christmas, but I feel good about what I got. I have not been able to bring myself to call my aunt about Christmas. I’ll be honest, I know I need to be around my family, but I’m really tempted just to make dinner and have it with just my immediate family. If I go, I put myself at risk for feeling bad for days. Besides, to be honest, at least I make dinner, I know exactly what I have put in it. My goal is to try to meal plan this weekend so that I can be prepared for next week. It is so important for me to get things organized because we’re going to have car payments soon. Chris is thinking that we will probably go on Friday to see about getting a new car. My CRV is still not working well and is still having transmission problems and DS16 had an accident on Saturday so the Highlander is down. We’ve not had a car payment in several years, so we need to be prepared. Happy Thursday a/k/a Friday eve!

Take Care and God bless,

Tracey W.

From: Dallas, TX and in Central Standard Time

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