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11/8/09 11:12 P

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good advise make sure you take it. I love the idea of almonds and cheese cubes in your pocket.

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11/8/09 10:05 P

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At night give yourself at least 15-20 minutes to just relax & be quiet...sometimes I just light a candle & lie on the couch a while & watch the candle flicker & take slow deep breaths....I first count my blessings & then decide if I need to make a list or write how I feel in my journal, sometimes I cry, if I've had a really tough day, & then I plan at least one positive action I can take the next day.....then I come on here chat a bit & then go watch some comedy with my hubby or read a book or something...you can do this---we all have set-backs because life keeps changing & we have to learn new ways to handle new circumstances...you can do this, you know you can, heck--you were doing so well that you were convinced you were cured/haha---that's a tremendously good sign for your future success I think. Find something like a handful of nuts or 2 cheese cubes you can pop in your mouth every 4 hours or so & you won't be ravenous--you've got to be able to find 2 minutes--look for them.

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11/8/09 9:44 P

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Hi and welcome back to the team. I understand what you are saying about being run off your feet but you should drink your water, I am a nurse in very busy dialysis units, at the moment 10hr shifts with 2 short breaks, never sit down all day (except during breaks) but I do make a point of drinking water. If you become unwell, then you will not be able to work. You have to look after yourself.

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11/8/09 8:20 P

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emoticon back :)

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11/8/09 7:30 P

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Welcome back!

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11/8/09 6:56 P

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Great responses here!
Welcome back!
It's so nice to know you are always welcome here. I don't think I know anyone not even myself who can lose weight constantly and not ahve any problems. No one is perfect except of course god.
It's ahrd. But, if you did it once, you can do it again. Your swollen feet and lower legs can be a symptom of too much sodium. Please check with your Dr.

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11/8/09 6:53 P

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You can do this!

You did it before, and you can do it again. That capacity has not left you, even if your circumstances have changed.

I know what it feels like to think that you are slipping, sliding, losing traction and ruining all the good work that has been done. And yet -- sometimes it take just a small thing -- a change of mind! -- to help.

Here are a few ideas; if they are helpful to you, please feel free to use one!

* Keep (counted!) almonds in your pocket at work so that you will not get to 3 p.m. famished.
* Pretend the fast "food" is motor oil. I used this trick when I worked as a baker and was around batters and cookies and cakes all day. When I felt a finger or hand going...I would remind myself that it was about as healthy as motor oil to eat.
* Start a new exercise practice that you are excited about. A new DVD on hula hooping? Weight lifting? Running? Yoga? Spinning? Sometimes the self-esteem that results from having tried something new spreads.
* Visit Tazmomsgol's blog called "Big ? - Who Am I Anyway" to check out her self-esteem journey. Perhaps it will be helpful to you as you wonder about why you are eating in ways that are harmful to yourself.

I send you a big hug and lots of courage.

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11/8/09 6:51 P

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In a job where I found it difficult ever to drink a glass of water, I ended up with diverticulitis. Thankfully, surgery wasn't required, but it not only put a scare in me, but allowed me to say (primarily to myself) that I had to keep drinking water for my health. It worked, and while I don't always get Spark's eight glasses in, I always get the six my condition requires. I don't recommend getting sick, but I do recommend thinking of the water as something you must do to continue to be able to do your job.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do. - Eleanor Roosevelt

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11/8/09 6:49 P

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Welcome back, Audrey! I'm glad that you knew that you could come back here for support & redirection. I have only been on SP 2 months, but I already know that just checking in here each day really helps me to make wiser decisions & to avoid more emotional eating. Allow yourself time to adjust to your new schedule, keeping in mind all you wrote today, so that you will not give in as much. Each day, it will get easier. You have done it before, and you can do it again. I wish you well!

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11/8/09 6:44 P

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I don't know if emotional eating ever goes away completely. It's not like alcoholism or drug addiction. You have the option never to drink or take drugs again. You can't just not eat, you know?

When I reach for food, I first think about how I'm feeling. Am I bored, angry, lonely? I also plan what I am going to eat so I know that I'm eating for the right reasons.

I also totally understand how hard it is trying to lose weight when you work in a fast food restaurant. Temptation everywhere! Hang in there though! You lost weight before, you can do it again.

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11/8/09 6:36 P

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Welcome back...Nan

Peace, Health and Happiness in 2019
Nan in Ohio...

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11/8/09 6:35 P

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That happens often to us. Keep with your spark friends and you will do fine!!!! emoticon

Selina Sears

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11/8/09 6:30 P

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Hi everyone, I have been gone for quite sometime because I thought I was over the emotional eating when all along I was just hiding it for a while. I have been with spark for a little over a year now and have managed to lose 25 pounds but have packed 10 back on. I am in such a rut now and can't seem to pull myself out of it. I am a fast food restaurant manager so I am around horrible food all day long, and we are so busy that I hardly have a chance to drink some water nor eat anything. Finally when we slow down around 3pm I am ravenously hungry and well I am just all out of whack. ( I just started working again 2 weeks ago after being at home with my son for 2 years) When I get off of work I am dead tired and my feet are swollen as if I am 9 months pregnant! The past month and a half my emotional eating has come back full force and I can't get control of myself! If I am bored I eat, if I am sad I eat, If I am mad I eat, if I am tired I eat! Then after feeling miserably stuffed and uncomfortable and wearing my size 10's that are getting tight again, I eat! This is so ridiculous and I can't seem to just say Audrey, that's enough! I just keep going and going and eating and eating and I pick the worst things, its like I am secretly punishing myself for something. I dont know but I sure could use some advice from my team that knows how this goes, or at least I hope you guys do.

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