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9/12/19 5:40 P

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Had the grandkids again today. After the girls left on the bus, we took the little one (4 years old) and headed up to the Town Community Center to pay our school tax bill and renew our handicap pass. All went well. After that we decided to hit the Christmas Tree Shop - when we were decorating for Fall the other day, we noticed we didn't have any "gels" for Sawyer (4 year old) to put on the patio doors. Managed to get a few gels and, as always, got stuff I really don't need also.

Day went quick - Sawyer went home around 3:30. Then I hit the office to catch up on paperwork, e-mails, teams, etc. Getting hungry - think I'll go get some dinner.

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Rochester, NY

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9/12/19 5:25 P

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Hello Team! I'll pitch into the sleep subject: High winds, storms, thunder kept me awake & even my meditating wouldn't calm me down to sleep. I tried my Ocean Waves; Night Jazz, & fiinalee turned everything off, asked my Angels to help me close eyes & the next thing it's 6:45 am. Fitbit said I actually slept 5 hrs 41 mins. Good!!!

I started some projects & got ready to run to Walmart before massage. Massage was painful but will be worth it tomorrow. I stopped at Aldi's to get some HWC, eggs, bacon & butter. I'll travel to MN tomorrow for a long weekend. I'll pack clothes & food in the morning!! My friends canceled tonight so not sure what I'll do --- ; what??? stay home?? OK ;-).

91 yof is back in his apt and his daughter sent me a text stating that the nursing home they looked at was NOT anything any of them would be happy. Whewwww!!! He needs more time to have the info given him over and over. He forgets within an hour any info discussed. I wrote him notes & placed on kitchen counter, bathroom & bed area. He has aides read them to him so he hears them. His daughter plugged in his hearing aides but he will NOT wear them.

Hugs to all!!! My dry eyes are especially dry this week. I've stopped taking my allergy pill. Maybe life will be more comfortable in another manner in a couple of days. I also purchased some eye gel & used several times today. I'll stay away from my contacts until tomorrow.

Life is Great!!! Rainy & cloudy today but humid. Central a/c still running but will turn off when I leave. HSM has his own window unit and he says he prefers it warmer. Once people serve in Afghanistan hot is relative.

Hugs to all!!! I'll listen to an audio book tonight!!! or listen to Jazz!!! Less blue light.

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Hugs to Surround Us All as a Group! Connie, in WI
The pleasant thought for me today is LUCKY.
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9/12/19 1:50 P

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I woke up my usual two times in the night, but once everyone was out of the house around 7 I couldn't get back to sleep. (I was only up until 12:30 last night, but I'm bound and determined to keep getting 8 hours of sleep every chance I get.)

Once I finally drifted back off around 7:30 it was definitely the best sleep of the night. Got up a bit after 9 feeling pretty good.

Today I'm tackling a small backlog of medical paperwork. I've resigned myself to ignoring it all for a few weeks until all the pertinent pieces are available - the bill, the EOB, etc. Once everything is sorted, I'll pay what needs to be paid, file what needs to be file, and recycle the rest.

Have a political meeting this evening, a meet and greet/fundraiser. I was going to carpool, but I think that I would rather just put in an appearance and then get the heck home. I already did my bit by contributing a gift basket for the chinese auction. I love putting together these place settings! I get the plates and bowls and some of the decor from Dollar Tree, add a nice basket/bin/crate, and buy a bottle of something that goes with the theme. Fun!

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9/12/19 9:37 A

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Insomnia must be the word of the day. Sigh.

Had an a-fib episode yesterday. Fortunately, it was mild and lasted a mere 4 hours, self-reverting.

Doing okay mostly. Some emotional stuff has come up. Maybe that's why the heart rhythm blip.

I think I will skip the doggy park this a.m.


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9/12/19 9:34 A

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Maw, there seem to be quite a few fish in the ocean, but the problem with that is that they could all be from different rivers, so none of them will ever come here.

LOL Leslie, cats are easily offended. Still, five a.m. is an offensive hour. It certainly offends me!

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9/12/19 9:13 A

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Wow, I woke on the exact schedule, Nay! First at 3:30 and gave up at 5:00. I came out of my bedroom and actually woke Bella up out of a sound sleep. When the cat looks puzzled and then offended, you know you're too early... Hopefully, you and both will have a longer night's sleep tonight.

My plans today include hanging out with a couple of friends - scratch that. One friend. The other just said she's been up all night with a sick baby. Her grandson. *sigh* She's my age, and her husband is in his early 60s. And the grandson is just turning two. They have their hands full.

I'll stop at my mom's apartment and get a few things for her and check her mail. Then I'm going to see her. Last night she said she was sitting on the edge of the bed trying to find her sandals, which means she's much more mobile than she was, she's getting tired of waiting for someone to get her up, and that she's feeling a lot better. However, she also knew if she leaned over too far to reach the sandals, she was likely to go over on her head. Another *sigh*.

They have a health conference scheduled for her on Monday, but I honestly think she'll be ready to go home before that. She will definitely go home with home health aides, but the process of getting there is going to be slower than her recovery.


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9/12/19 9:12 A

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Can you tell if they're out in the ocean, just not coming in to spawn? Or are they just missing all together?

Slept well last night. Didn't even wake up to go to the bathroom. In fact, when I did wake up to go potty, I assumed it was around 2 or 3 o'clock and was surprised to find it was almost 6:30. That was a little over 8 hours in bed, almost all of which I was asleep. Seems like I should be feeling more rested today than I am.

Put a fresh pork picnic in the oven about 7 am yesterday and cooked it low and slow all day. Poor Russell! I was gone all afternoon (classes) and he had to stay home all alone with that delicious aroma! I ate way too much of the pork, of course, but then I had expected to and "planned" to. At least it didn't have any carbs!

Just puttering around today. Dishes. Go over to Mom's house. Do some more math homework and walk to campus for teacher's office hours. Stop at the school library (which is on my way anyway) and so some printing. Fix a pair of my new jeans so I can wear them. Take Russell for a walk somewhere different, since it will be sunny and around 70. Stuff like that.

Have a good day, everyone!

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9/12/19 8:46 A

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That is scary about the fish. Hopefully they will show up soon. Isn't in 'nice' to be living during a period of change? Hope you can sleep tonight.

A chiropractic appointment this morning and then shopping for the week's groceries.

Enjoy your day.

Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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9/12/19 8:38 A

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I woke up at 3:30 and finally gave up trying to sleep again around five. I even stayed awake through an entire guided meditation, which rarely happens.

Had some pot roast for breakfast, it had been in the crockpot overnight. Hard to get it out, it wants to fall apart when I try to pick it up. Turned out pretty tasty.

Today is my Sunday, back to work tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, the fish have still not entered the river in any great number, and at this point I'm wondering if they will. They're three and a half weeks later than usual.

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