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2/8/18 4:29 P

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I need to look up Dr Furman's recipes.

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10/30/13 11:18 A

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In terms of smoothies, I am very much like ERIN1957 only maybe more so. My go-to smoothie is the one from Dr. Furhman. I alternate chia seeds with flax seeds, almost always use homemade almond milk, and prefer spinach over any other green. I do use 1/2 a banana. I won't say there is no pleasure for me in the smoothies, but the main reason I started making them was to get another 8-12 oz of fresh greens in daily. So I've got liquid in almond milk and juice (which I try to make myself but I do like poms so will buy 100% pom juice with nothing added) and berries, flax or chia, 1/2 banana, and lots of baby spinach. I can make this smoothie in my sleep and I find that I don't eat well unless it's something I can do by rote during the day. I enjoy cooking in the evening, and I'm much more apt to experiment then, but I don't want a smoothie for dinner, so the boring green smoothie is what I tend to have daily. Now I have made some of Yvonne's recipes for savory soup like smoothies and I love those, but I consider them soup so usually those are at dinner.

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10/30/13 8:11 A

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Love the link, thanks so much!

I am a boring smoothie person, as I seldom change them. I use them for nothing more than health. No pleasure based on them. I will place in them the best buy on what is in season, greens and berries or where I am at. In the far south more varieties to choose from. In the north limited.
I always add super foods in them, things like; aloe vera water, bee pollen, maca, spirulina and grasses. Along with the bulk of greens, ginger and berries. Seldom any high glycemic fruits or extreme fats either. Once in a great while when I get a bit too bored I may add a splash of coconut milk, or a spoon or two of yogurt, whether it be coconut or dairy. I do try and rotate greens, but always come back to spinach. Celery and cucumbers when I remember to add them.
I do a savory one once and awhile when I need food comfort of warmth or trying to get rid of produce that may not make the week for ripening reasons.
Smoothies as soups are some of my favorites.
Yvonne has wonderful recipes for a few that I love.
I try very hard to keep them lower in fats, carbs and calories, as I think they can get out of hand when adding so much to them. For me at least.
It doesn't take much or a lot to get them in the high calorie, high carb, high fat bracket. Using nuts, nut butters, other fats and a lot of bananas, avocadoes and tropical fruits can do this and when you are not 100% vegan it surely can cause issues. Us omnivores have to watch this, as it is a proven fact high fat and high carb do not mix for health. And if we consume way to many calories and not burn them off no matter what your energy source is, it is not healthy.
If a smoothie is a meal replacement and you need those calories, carbs, and fats then you can add more to them. I personal do not, as I love eating.
But need the smoothie to get into me a strong immediate resource of micronutrients, minerals and vitamins, as well as the powerful healing of health food powders. Which I believe in 100%
Many healing powers of many sources from nature. Much of our medicines derive from nature and to find the sources that will help us in our health, is a good thing.
I am here for health, weight loss is just an added plus.
I know this; when I do use the smoothie as a health resource all my lymphoid system settles down and this is a huge plus, along with hormonal health in the brain. Two keys to every ones health, no matter what you do or who you are.

Walk through your journey with a loving open heart and as well mind. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Laugh, if at nothing else yourself.

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10/29/13 7:52 P

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One Green Planet says these are the top 5 Green Smoothie videos on You Tube. It's a nice blend of ideas. I'd be interested in knowing what makes up the Top 5 Go-To Greens in team member's smoothies.


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