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2/1/11 6:28 P

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the wii sports and sports resort doesn't get me huffing and puffing like zumba does, but it gets me up off my butt and moving. Zumba..whew!!! I agree. I can barely make it through one 20 minute beginner session but it's worth every penny.

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2/1/11 3:05 P

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Thats great! Im glad its worth the money..kinda pricey, but i finally had to bite the bullet and get it :)

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2/1/11 2:55 P

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My husband and I have been playing wii sports resorts. We have a lot of fun playing bowling, table tennis and 3 point shoot basketball. It gets us up and moving instead of sitting on the sofa watching tv.

I got wii zumba last week for my birthday and I have been using it everyday. I love it. It has its cons, but the pros outweigh them. I have been doing the beginner 20 minute routines and it is a serious workout! I definitely recommend wii zumba if you're looking for something to make you sweat.

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2/1/11 11:47 A

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I love the wii sports! It can really get you sweating on the running, if you intensify the length and you really work at it..same with the biking. I JUST bought Zumba, so i will let you all know how it goes

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2/1/11 11:13 A

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I have the following games:
Just Dance-it's ok, but it doesnt really register the movements that well
Just Dance 2- really like this game, it has a sweat option and you can really work up a sweat
Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum-not too interested in it, but will do it once in a while
Biggest Loser-not the best game, because if you don't do them exactly like they are on the screen, it won't register
10 minute solution- I like this one because it has weighted gloves and different activities, so it doesn't get too boring
Wii Fit Plus- I use it occasionally, especially to weigh in

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1/29/11 12:00 P

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My favs are:
Walk it Out
Just Dance 1 and 2
Gold's Gym Cardio Workout
My Fitness Coach

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1/28/11 9:45 P

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This past Christmas I received the Wii Fit and Just Dance 2. I LOVE Just Dance 2, a good variety of slow and simple choreography mixed with some moderate-hard ones. It gets my heart pumping when I really get into it!

I have been really wanting to get the Zumba game, it looks perfect for me. I'm tight on money and just splurged on a new swiss ball and yoga mat today so not in the cards soon BUT I hear great things.

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1/28/11 7:57 P

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I love Walk it Out! It's lots of fun and keeps me coming back. I have Gold's Gym Cardio Dance and that's pretty good because you can do your own thing or use a preset workout. I recently got Just Dance and have only tried it a few times but I don't like it. There aren't any intructions and it's hard to follow the moves.

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1/28/11 6:48 P

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I have ADD when it comes to exercise and can't do the same for long periods of times so I have lots of games.

I just recently got NFL Trainer and am loving it. It really gets my heart up and my muscles are sore. It is made by EA Sports people but it has the second set of sensors and I haven't had near the problems I did with the first version.

Walk It Out. Love this one too. Loving it even more after I found out that I could have the game on and watch my favorite tv shows at the same time. I got bored walking around the island even if I changed up the routes. That is not a problem now.

Gold Gym again enjoy this one. I don't find that it as much of a workout as the other ones if I use it regularly. I guess my body adapts to it quickly.

Golds Dance workout. Did not like this one and gave it to my sister. I found that there was not enough training for someone with my two left feet.

Biggest Loser It is ok. I didn't have any problems with stuff registering like other people have. I find Bob and Jillian even more annoying than they are on tv.

10 minute workout. It is ok if I am looking for something fast but isn't really a get your heart up kind of game.

EA Sports the first one.... Oh did I hate this game. I gave it to my sister instead of burning it in effigy. The trainers were annoying. The sensors wouldn't register the movements unless they were held exactly as shown in the video. And there was one exercise that it registered exactly the same movements when I was sitting on the ground as when I was running full out. And that is all after how repetitive and boring it was.

My Fitness Coach found it more like a exercise dvd than a game so it didn't hold my interest.

I feel like I am forgetting one or two but there are my opinions for what they are worth.

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1/28/11 5:04 P

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I don't have all of them out there but I have a fair majority of them. Most of them are great. My personal favorites are the Gold's Gym Cardio and Gold's Gym Dance workouts. Cardio just focuses on boxing with a few other things (jump rope and running) mixed in. You can do a preset workout or mix and match your own. Gold's Gym Dance Workout combines the boxing with different styles of dance. In that one you can also do a preset workout or make your own. Dance definitely makes you sweat and it also tells you based on the calories you've burned what foods you have burned off. If you like dancing I have Just Dance and Just Dance 2 which I like a lot. I don't have Zumba but here it is good as well.

Walk It Out is also great. I actually just got it for Christmas after hearing so much about it. I love it. I have only unlocked a portion of the stuff but it can also give you a great workout. You also don't have to stand in front of the TV, as long as you walk within the range of the Wii sensor you can walk all over.

I have the first EA active. It isn't too bad. There is a lot of down time in between exercises and it doesn't pick up your movements very well if you don't have the controls in the exact position. The resistance bands are too easy, but you can buy other sets with more resistance. As for the other versions I don't have them.

I have the Biggest Loser and one of the Julian Micheals Ultimatum games. I personally don't like them as well. I have had trouble on both getting anything to register with the remotes not matter what positions they are in.

You may just look aroung the other Wii teams. Most of the fitness games have their own teams. You can find more info there. I don't have any of the Your Shape, Your Fitness Coach, and some of those other ones. I do have Wii Yoga but haven't been able to use it much yet so I don't really have an opinion on it yet.


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1/28/11 4:56 P

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EA Sports Active and Walk It Out are the ones I have the most fun with, the ones that I keep going back to when I get tired of the others.

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1/28/11 4:53 P

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Hi,I like the sports ones..The Bowling I love the best then the bick raceing...

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1/28/11 4:47 P

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So I've been working out with Wii Fit Plus for a couple of weeks now, because that is what my parents had when I stole the wii from them that they weren't using. I've seen a bunch of other fitness games out there, including Biggest Loser, EA Active (1, more, and 2), Zumba, etc. So I was wondering, what games have you found the most fun/helpful/challenging?

Thanks in advance!

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