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MELIDAY Posts: 1
2/15/19 2:46 A

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If you're short of protein, it means that your body cells might not function well, because proteins are the main factors that cause cell changes. You should be so careful and serious about your own body. Lacking or malfunctions of proteins might result in bad results, Bro.

To learn more about proteins, I suggest you visit this following site.
The company is a leading supplier of proteins and protein services. Their research area offers a lot of professional knowledge of proteins.

Hope this might help you. Best, Bro.

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7/22/16 4:37 A

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I've always thought that losing weight is not a very difficult thing, and I lost 10 pounds in 2 months. However, there is a series of problems in my body. I was sent to the hospital, the doctor gave me a protein thermal shift assay, and said I was short of protein. www.creative-biostructure.com/maghel

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DEBS418's Photo DEBS418 Posts: 97
5/25/09 2:58 P

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I don't know what your Vitamin D level was, but when I started taking supplements, mine was at 26. My doctor wants me between 40-100 so he put me on 1000iu a day.

5/9/09 10:56 P

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I have to laugh about the "duh" part.

Actually, my endo has copies of all of my test results - from the beginning which were very thorough and included every blood test known to man, right through the tests she has ordered; however, she seems to only order TSH, Free T4 and T3 Total. Anything else I want I have to ask for. And when my Vitamin D test came back low, she didn't give me any info as to how much to supplement, etc.

I'm really getting frustrated because I do have such a complicated case, but I'm gonna try my best again to get some real dialogue going.

GRAYBY's Photo GRAYBY Posts: 56
5/9/09 10:02 P

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I had a horrible time getting my old doc to listen to me. When I changed a couple of years ago, I had made a chart of all my numbers, pretty graph & everything, and gave that to him to keep. He started working with me after that. I've found if I want something changed, I take something on paper with me. I think he appreciates having the data, and it works. Maybe that might help her focus on past tests? Or not. Doctors are inDUHviduals too. Just a suggestion.

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5/9/09 8:47 A

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Chibi, wish me luck LOL. My endo is sweet and I like her, but I sometimes feel that I'm outta there as soon as I get in there. If I could only get a little more time with her I'd be so happy. I've even left a message with her P.A. that I'd be glad to pay for an extended appointment, but it seems she's always so busy.

It seems like she looks at the latest test results and that's it. I'm trying to figure out a way to get her to sit down and really talk to me about my condition since it's a complicated case, i.e., how she plans to handle the case, what she expects to happen, etc. I think right now she's just concentrating on getting my TSH down slowly.

My biggest kvetch about endos is twofold: one, they seem to concentrate more on diabetes than thyroid, and two, they're not very communicative.

5/9/09 12:51 A

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keep pushing your doctor to speak with you honsetly chibi

i also love einsteen and the way he got his ideas I love to travel on the spur of the moment and i love portland oregon, hawaii. I enjoy all forms of art and the galleries

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5/8/09 8:49 P

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Mzz, I couldn't reply directly to your post about the TSI abs for some reason, so I started a new thread.

My endo never thought to check TSI antibodies, I guess because I'm so clinically hypo with a TSH of 43 and TPO and TG abs so high, but last blood work I checked off on the Quest form to have them checked (I figured I'm paying for it anyway). Turns out that my TSI abs came back at 123 with Quest's reference range is under 125 - so I'm right up there. One thing though - Quest did make a note on the results that TSI bioessays can be affected by a TSH serum level of over 25 (and mine is 43), potentially resulting in a higher TSI result.

When I questioned my endo about it she shrugged and said "you are soooo Hashi's". Next visit I intend to press her about those TSI abs and ask her how she intends to balance this once she gets my TSH lower, as I definitely don't want to go hyper. I have a hunch that's why she's kept my Synthroid at 50, so that I don't get it down too fast.

I honestly think that the two sets of abs are "balancing" each other out.....at the moment and that's why I don't feel like a dead piece of meat with my ridiculously high TSH. Most days I feel really good.

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