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1/30/19 10:21 P

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Good evening!! I walk about 80% of.."1 Mile In Home Walk! | Walking Workout Videos".

Keep walking!!

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1/14/18 12:45 P

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I actually am signed up and using the the digital downloads for 4.99 a month with Leslie Sansone . I am happy with the variety and especially love the newer ones ! Every month you get new work outs they include weights and bands as well as mat exercises ! Yes I am ready to add some new things again but I am getting the bang for my buck ! I am also doing the 2018 youtube challenge for 6 weeks . I hope this helps . emoticon

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1/10/18 7:31 P

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I've been using it for about a month. I like the variety of the different work outs. I don't have a lot of LS DVD's so this is great for me. I also like that you can choose a different workout from the month if you don't want to do the one scheduled for the day or you want to do more.

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12/25/17 9:09 P

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Bumping this up because I'm very interested in this program. I don't have a DVD player upstairs or outside where I often workout so having it accessible on my iPad would be perfect.
I recently got rid of about 50 DVDs collecting dust because I do most workouts on line now.

Just wondering if anyone can give a review that has used it, how do you like the monthly variety, intensity, and offerings?

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10/30/17 5:13 A

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Thanks for sharing!

~*~ HAPPY ~*~

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10/22/17 6:35 P

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Thanks for the information!

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10/14/17 6:42 A

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Thank you, this is a great thread. I just stopped paying for the app, using them though through youtube

1/10/16 5:18 P

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I saw this thread and decided to drop in.Like many, I am not inclined to sign up for "Your Daily Walk" because I have so many DVDs. At least 20 from Leslie Sansone and 8 or 10 from Jessica Smith. I do like Lexie's idea of listing all 67 walks and randomizing the routines at www.random.org This will keep me busy for a month or two.

Happy walking! emoticon

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1/9/16 7:43 P

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1/9/16 5:02 P

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So I've just registered for the free trial month. Even though it's not clearly explained on the website, you can also watch the videos on a regular computer (although it seems to be only the videos, not the planned program like with the mobile app, but for me it's perfectly fine). I was told that they would clarify the info on the Purple website as to how to do that, and I was given a link to access the video Library go.platformpurple.com/librar

It might appear that they will charge you for the free trial month, but it's actually just an authorization that they need to activate the account, and they will not charge you. You will get charged the normal 4.99 on the second month if you don't cancel at the end of the trial month. That's the info I was given.

Here are the DVDs in the program (in case you want to see how many of them you own.) There are 50 of them:

5k With A Twist
5 Mile Fat Burning Walk
Walking Down Your Blood Sugar
The Big Burn
Burn Body Fat & Sculpt Your Arms
Heart Healthy Walk
Mini Walks
5-Mile Walk
Power Walk with Friends
Teen Walk: This Walk Rocks!
Walk This Way
2 Mile Super Walk and Eat a Healthy Breakfast
4 Mile Super Walk and Eat a Healthy Dinner
3 Mile Super Walk and Eat a Healthy Lunch
5-Mile Walk
Walk Away Your Hips & Thighs
Walk Away Your Waistline!
Belly, Buns & Thighs Slimdown
5 Day Slim Down
Walk It Off & Tone It Up
4 Really BIG Miles!
4 Fast Miles!
3 Fast Miles!
Punch Up Your Walk
3 Mile Calorie Blast
Walk Weight Loss Bootcamp
Walk Off 10 Pounds
Kid's Walk
3 Mega Miles
4 Mile Power Walk
Walk Slim 5 Really Big Miles
Belly Blasting Walk
Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan
Active Adult - 2 Complete Workouts
Walk It Off In 30 Days
5 Mega Miles
Walk to the HITS Radio Remixes
Walk to the HITS Party Songs
Walk Slim Fast Firming
Walk With The Ball
3 Mile Walk & Firm
A Closer 2 Mile Walk
Walk Your Belly Flat
Pilates Inspired 3 Mile Walk
Walk Blasters with 10 Mini Walks
Walk Off Fat Fast
Miracle Miles: 4 Mile Walk
Miracle Miles: 3 Mile Walk
Miracle Miles: 2 Mile Walk
Miracle Miles: 5 Mile Walk
Miracle Miles: 1 Mile Walk

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12/28/15 12:45 P

I agree that this looks neat. I have a lot of her videos, so I don't know that I'd subscribe, but I think it's great that she's offering this as an option.

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12/28/15 10:21 A

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It does look like a great option, especially for those of us who travel for work and so forth. I shan't go with it purely because I have 24 of her videos on my Walk TV, and that is a total of 97 miles and I use www.random.org/ to get my random selection each day.
In fact, I'm starting up a personal challenge for January to do as many miles as I can in the month ahead. Or something like that. Still thinking out the details. :-)
Lex xxx

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12/26/15 7:03 P

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Thanks for the share. Here are the 'direct' links:



You can make direct links to our posts here at SP by highlighting the web address, right click to 'copy', go to the SP post where you want to include the direct link, click on 'Add A Link' at the top of the message box, right click 'paste' in the long box so that the web address appears and hit "Add Link" - voila, readers will now be able to just click on the link and they'll go directly to the site.

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12/26/15 1:08 P


Here's direct links to the info:



Merry Christmas! The year is coming to an end in just days,. I'm looking back at the year & ahead at next year. Getting healthy is always a focus for me & finding new ways to keep exercise fresh is a challenge. Working out the same way gets old, boring & not so appealing to do. I'm always looking for ways to add variety to my exercise. I wanted to pass this info from Leslie Sansone along. This looks like a great way to keep things fresh, simple & easy to use. Check out her blog on her website for more details. Well, sending you Christmas Cheer!

Walk at Home is excited to announce the launch of our new subscription fitness program called “Your Daily Walk.” The “Your Daily Walk” subscription offers subscribers a pre-planned workout schedule with different workout videos chosen every day from Walk At Home’s extensive video library. The videos are delivered through Your Daily Walk apps for iOS or Android devices that bring up today’s workout with one tap for immediate high quality streaming video playback. There are workouts scheduled for three or four days each week, with rest days in between. Users can also skip back to past workouts, or skip ahead to future workouts, if desired. The videos offered through “Your Daily Walk” are the full programs produced for the Walk At Home DVDs, including all chapters and bonus features. The “Your Daily Walk” subscription is currently offered at an introductory $4.99 monthly subscription, with the first month free, or an annual subscription for $49.99. Customers can also gift the annual subscription to a friend or family member for an easy-to-buy, health-oriented, eco-friendly gift.
To find out more or subscribe to “Your Daily Walk”, visit: http:/walkathome.com/your-daily-walk/ -
See more at: http://www.walkathome.com/sansone/50160/#s

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