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CD6273840 Posts: 860
9/4/10 6:35 P

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I have the one-a-day active metabolism ones. Ive only been taking them for a week, and after my morning workout when I eat something. Uhm, I think the only difference is that they contain some caffeine. It actually says on the bottle that they contain about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. So I think that might be the only thing! lol

CD7565518 Posts: 1,861
9/4/10 9:56 A

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Thanks for your help Ladies. I didn't make it back to the store before the hurricane that missed us, but I have a better idea of what to look for.

Out of curiosity, has anyone tried one of the ones that "boost" the metabolism? If so, Do you feel like it was working? or was it just a gimmick?

BBANGEL1214's Photo BBANGEL1214 Posts: 4,314
9/4/10 9:35 A

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I use the GNC Active Women's with iron.


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9/2/10 10:14 A

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I like the one a day women just for the extra calcium and iron (I tried the engery one this time but don't see a difference) and I was told to take a b-complex for metabolism from the nurse prac.

I just started taking probiotics for my digestive issues and found the guy at GNC was VERY helpful. So much so I might go see what he says about a multivitamin when I run out.

From what I read since we are limiting calories, we need a multi-vitamin to get what we lack.


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9/2/10 9:49 A

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I love the gummy vitamins personally, lol -- but right now I'm doing the One-a-Day for Women. My doctor is aware and is fine with it, but I will echo others who have posted: it never hurts to ask what he/she recommends.

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9/2/10 8:00 A

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I have trouble with a multi vitamin. Turns out I am allergic to iron. I add vitamins one at a time to make sure I can tolerate them, and only take the ones my body seems to need.

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9/2/10 7:38 A

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I have stomach issues with "natural" vitamins. If they are brown and grainy looking, I tend to get ill. But, anything smooth looking, I am generally fine with. I take Flinstone gummy vitamins right now. Because I don't see the point in buying two sets of vitamins for me and my tot... and I get to fill that "candy" need every day, guilt free!

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CD5399895 Posts: 4,221
9/1/10 10:22 P

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It is trial and error. I have tried about 6 and got stomach aches, headaches, etc... Now I take One a day vita craves and a biotin supplement (approved by my doc) for my thinning hair.

MEGS5939's Photo MEGS5939 Posts: 2,918
9/1/10 10:17 P

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What I take or am trying to get into a habit of taking are:

Calcium with Vitamin D - I never get in enough calcium since I don't drink milk
B12 - I am also not a big meat eater so I am always lacking this
Multi-Vitamin - I made sure it had Calcium, B12, D and Folic Acid because B12 is absorbed better when taken with Folic Acid just like iron is absorbed better when taken with Vitamin C

All my vitamins are Jamieson my aunt used to work for them and it is one of the top products. I can't remember the test you can do to see if your body is actually digesting it but you still the vitamin into something for 1/2 hour and if it dissolves then your body will benefit from it. But there are vitamins out there that won't dissolve so you might as well not waste your money on them. If you search the internet you might find something about that.

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9/1/10 9:24 P

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I just take an off brand "complete". When I was pregnant both times, the pre-natal ones would make me sick, and my ob/gyn told me as long as I had a "balanced diet", that I could take Flintstones vitamins for all she cared! She told me they were just to augment a healthy diet, not to be substituted for one.

You might try calling your doc's office and ask the nurse or your doc.

Peace, Rachel

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9/1/10 9:23 P

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Yeah it is a lot to take in - and about 80% of it is the same stuff with different packaging.

I'd definitely check with your Dr. when you can, but generally a regular old multi-vitamin will do. You don't need bells and whistles. I think the biggest difference between the kind "for women" is that it has more iron than the one "for men" because of our monthly blood loss.

About calcium supplements - they don't work unless you're also getting vitamin D from sunshine, according to some article I can't find at the moment.

I'd pick out a brand you recognize, and look to the right or left of that bottle to find the generic version. It really is the exact same thing for less money, often times made by the same exact company.

Hope that helps a little...

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CD7565518 Posts: 1,861
9/1/10 9:00 P

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Hi Ladies,

So I went to the store earlier today and was floored by how many different types of multi-vitamins there are. There were one a days, health packs with 5 or 6 pills in it, Things I couldn't pronounce and things that seemed like they should be on a witches work bench...

So I would like to think I have an active life style. And I'm eating better then I was and am in the right direction but I don't think I'm at "eating right" just yet. I know I don't get enough calcium in my diet. I'm 23 so do I fall into adult or Young Adult? then there are some for Metabolizing and health.

I'm so confused when I look at this. I went looking for something because of Hurricane Earl and my Disaster Relief Life style I want to start taking a multi-vitamin to help with all the crazy stress and germs I'm about to face. My Doc has suggested I take one in the past but never went into detail about what I should look for.

Are there any brands or combination I should Look for? Avoid?

I've always been the type of person that thought "Glass of OJ and I'm good, nothing can get me!" but I know thats not true, and I need some help.

So... Help?

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