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CD7565518 Posts: 1,861
9/17/10 1:59 P

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:-( I feel like I'd have to have sex to become preg... Sadly I'm in a bit of a dry spell for that... I really do think that was just from something I ate. Plus since I had my period a week ago, I'd have to wait until closer to my next period to see becaue even doctors tests won't pick up one week of fluxes in hormones. Plus Yesterday the nasua was gone. Today theres no headache (I remembered BOTH allergy medications)

I don't feel skinny today but I don't feel like a whale- so I'll take that improvement.

DEEJAYOK's Photo DEEJAYOK Posts: 242
9/17/10 12:41 P

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Hang in there, lady! This too shall pass!

"The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself."

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KATIE3403's Photo KATIE3403 Posts: 187
9/17/10 12:30 P

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Well I would find out first if you are pregnant if it is a possibilty If not I would see the doctor. Also don't be so hard yourself it is not a diet it is a life and in life we have bumps in the road but that is what makes it interesting. Keep your head up and as soon as you feel better jump right back on the wagon and keep going.

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9/17/10 11:51 A

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I agree with all that has already been said but add to ignore friends who laugh at you for having a salad. If that is what you felt like having,m so be it.

And please don't "push yourself" past dizziness. It is there for a purpose! It is like people who "push" past pain. Pain is an indicator something is amiss.

"Never tell your dreams to small minded people"~Steve Harvey

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CD7565518 Posts: 1,861
9/17/10 9:53 A

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I decided I need to take this weekend for myself and hit a Spa and the Gym and do laundry and try again to shrink some pants. And try to Relax - or at least get some knots out of my back.

Thank you again.

I'm pretty sure the nausea was due to fillings in crapes that didn't stay at the right temp earlier that day on Monday. My period was on its last day on Monday so I'm going to hold off on the Preg test.

I did go out with everyone last night. Then after dinner we were all called back to work due to 6 building collapse. I'm looking forward to not having the stress of opening shelters and disasters once I leave.

CD7644525 Posts: 679
9/16/10 8:35 P

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I agree with some of the ladies that you should definitely check with your MD. Could you be having problems with your sinus'? If you're not feeling well I wouldn't push your body to exercise, you need rest and time to allow your body to heal and rejuvenate. I hope things start looking up =) Hang in there.


STARPRINCESS79 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/16/10 6:46 P

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I too have had a hard week. This is my 2nd week with exercise and I was just diagnosed with low thyroid. The new medication made me feel like crap, so I stopped taking it. So after another Doctors visit I have a smaller doseage and hope that it all works well. I am also looking for work and know eventually something will come through. Just trying to think of all the postivie blessings in your life. You have friends to hang out with. Money to go out to eat with. A car to get in. Gym membership. I have learned to enjoy the small things I do have becasue there is always someone with less. Hope next week goes better for you.. I will be praying for a job to come through.

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MEL_UNRAU's Photo MEL_UNRAU SparkPoints: (136,892)
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9/16/10 6:18 P

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REST! Relax. Take care of you! If your body is saying no... you need to stop and listen to your body for a while. It's okay to push through most of the time, but sometimes, we JUST HAVE TO STOP. And take care of us.

As a geek, I have to address this one... don't LARP if you don't want to. If you want to relax this weekend, then do it. You won't have fun if you don't want to be there. I mean, your friends should understand.

Imperfection is important. If we were all perfect, then there would be no such thing as growth, and everyone would be extremely boring, which is, paradoxically, not that perfect.-- Dr. Matt

9/16/10 5:58 P

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You know, I was thinking the same thing as all the others. Stress does weird things to our bodies, and some times we just need a break.

Don't worry about what your friends say about the salad.

Praying for job opportunities to make themselves clear.

And you might wanna look into a pregnancy test. I was dizzy, had a headache and was fatigued for a week straight. I was on the pill, so I never thought I could be pregnant, but my sil found out she was pregnant, and she was having the same symptoms. Got a test, and it the positive line started showing as soon as it got wet (supposed to wait 2 mins). My son is 8 days older than his cousin!

Peace, Rachel

Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results."- James Allen (the quote I get my screen name from!)

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9/16/10 5:41 P

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With nausea, etc. you should check in with your MD. Or, at least, take a home pregnancy test?

I feel for your employment situation. Been there. Done that. It sucks. It's one of the big reasons we left the East Coast.

Hope you feel better!

My personal worth has nothing to do with my abdominal girth!

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KRILLFURY's Photo KRILLFURY Posts: 1,107
9/16/10 5:35 P

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Hang in there because all of this is temporary. Maybe take a day where you do nothing at all but just R&R. And you will find a new job eventually.

Don't be so hard on yourself. You had some accomplishments and more are soon to follow! Keep Going! emoticon

When you really live, there's just no time to be bored.

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9/16/10 5:30 P

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You know, the "Done girls team" has been running seasonal weight loss challenges every 12 weeks. We are starting up the next round, Winter Is Near, on the 25th of this month, and we need more recruits! Each week we will have a nutrition, motivational, or fitness related challenge to encourage you to keep pushing towards your goals. If you need an extra push to get to your goals by the end of this year, sign up! It seems like a support system could help you, and being on a team (I'm a Firefly, and I would be thrilled if you came on the team with me!) really helps with getting advice.

If you are interested, shoot me a sparkmail! Have a good weekend!

EDOWNEY1972's Photo EDOWNEY1972 Posts: 489
9/16/10 5:25 P

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Isn't it wild how things that have nothing to do with our bodies can make us feel bad about our bodies? It is rotten that you'll be unemployed soon. It is rotten that you don't feel well. But you need to give yourself a break on the body image and feeling fat. And you really need to give yourself a break so you can feel better!!

You are STRESSED girl and your body is trying to tell you to relax a little and give it a chance to handle all this hard stuff you are going through emotionally. ATR is so right - listen to your body. You are worth a break. You are worth feeling proud of yourself for all you've accomplished so far. You are worth pampering. You are worth getting the good wishes of your coworkers tonight and you are worth leaving early because you don't feel well - and NOT to go to the gym.

Take care of yourself!

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ATR_1983's Photo ATR_1983 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/16/10 5:02 P

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Hang in there, first listen to your body it may be telling you that you need rest. with that said I would take a few more days until you are feeling better. Second way to go on eating a salad, don't let your friends teasing get you down. you are doing this for you. I am sorry about you loosing your job I am kind of in the same situation right now. My hours have been cut in half so I am looking for a new job or a second job to make ends meet. I will pray that you get a new job soon. emoticon


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CD7565518 Posts: 1,861
9/16/10 4:47 P

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Hey Ladies,

This weeks just been rough on me. I haven・t been able to make it to the gym. I・m eating okay (not great) but still better then I used to. I・m about to join the ranks of the unemployed and I don・t like it at all. And I haven・t had any luck finding a job. Get me through the door and I・ll wow you, but I need someone to call me for an interview.

I haven・t felt amazing this week physically. Monday and Tuesday I was highly nauseous and couldn・t exercise. I tried to do my nice low intensity Yoga DVD and got so dizzy on the third pose I sat down in the middle of the living room and waited for the room to stop spinning. Yesterday I made it to the gym a little bit but not enough. I got 15 minutes on the elliptical. I was a little dizzy, but pushed through before meeting my friends. I got a salad and boneless wings at hooters that night. SO yummy. The guys made fun of me for ordering a salad. I can・t make it to the gym tonight because my departments taking me out for dinner.

I just feel so gross and fat today. I feel as if I・m on my period when I・m not!

I・ve had this pinch of a headache since Monday where my forehead feels warm to my touch (fine to everyone else) and I don・t feel like going out tonight but this was preplanned. And I can・t go to the gym this weekend because again, I said I would go to this LARP and I don・t want to go to that either.

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