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9/28/10 6:18 P

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Totally-- Our brains are trained to take a break on the weekend, from childhood. So... it is really up to us to take them back. I know that for me, taking control over my weekend was a HUGE part of overcoming my gain/lose/gain/lose process. I was GOLDEN mon-fri, but 5pm Friday, I started to binge on pizza, burgers, fries, pancakes... and we are always on the go, eating out, lots of fast food and the occasional diner or sit down place.

Realizing that moderation was going to be the only way for me to survive this. I made some choices. I have long known that pizza is my FAVORITE junk food, so I made my Friday night pizza my "free" meal for the week. Knowing that I have some leeway to be less than perfect there, makes it easier to resist later on. Also, I did some research. I know that my hubby is going to suggest Arby's or BK when we are on the run. So, I know what are my best options at those places and I make my decision based on what I am feeling out of my more limited options. The whole menu is not an option for me any more. And it is amazing to me, how those 10 fries stolen from my hubbys super-size order taste better because they are really savored. If we hit a sit down place, that isn't a chain and I can't look up what I am wanting to eat, then I just do the best I can. I know that "danger" words are going to make me miserable come Monday morning. So, I avoid words like creamy, smothered, cheesy, drenched, crispy. That way I may be over my calories, and who can tell with lots of dishes, but I know I have done my best.

I also started to view my weekend workout as sacred. Daddy is home! This is the one time that I don't have to worry about my tot crying or fussing or interrupting me. This hour or two is my ME time. I get to leave the house with the car seat EMPTY! WOW!!!

So, I don't know if that helps anyone... but yeah... figuring out how to retake your weekends.... it will be a huge step forward!!!

Imperfection is important. If we were all perfect, then there would be no such thing as growth, and everyone would be extremely boring, which is, paradoxically, not that perfect.-- Dr. Matt

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9/28/10 5:14 P

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Ugh-take away my workweek routine, and I fall apart! Part of it is that my week is sooooo crazy; between working full time, doing 2 hour long Zumba classes and running 2-3 days, plus managing a house and taking care of 2 small children, by the time the weekend comes I'm all....PHEW! time to RELAX! I always run or zumba on Saturdays, and try to work out on Sundays, but on the food front, I DEFINITELY have issues. Maybe I need a part time weekend job. lol.

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9/28/10 5:02 P

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I'm glad I'm not alone in this one! I was just thinking the same thing on monday of this week "why do I always blow the weekends?" I think for me it is the "off" mentality that prevails from way back in childhood. Saturday and Sunday were days where it was okay to not get anything done and just laze around so...I guess I agree about the break in routine/past associations. I think for me I'm going to try to keep up my workout routine going through the weekend and take my break days in the middle of the week.

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9/28/10 4:40 P

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The wknds are always a struggle for me and especially when we have to go to something where there is food! We usually end up eating out on the wknds and I have a hard time making good choices:(

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9/28/10 12:38 A

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I'm battling the same thing right now. Although, I remember there being a point when it didn't matter that it was a weekend that eating healthy and getting the exercise was a simple as breathing or I guess, as simple as not doing it is now. I'm really waiting to get back to that point but lately I only see my boyfriend and my friends on the weekends and that usually means eating out at restaurants and not getting my exercise in because I'm not at home... it's really hard right now but as everything falls back into place I know my healthy lifestyle will be my everyday lifestyle and not just my weekday one.

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9/26/10 8:34 P

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I definitely think it is the break in routine. During the week, everything about my life is pretty scheduled. I eat smaller meals, snack on healthy foods throughout the day. The whole grazing concept works really well for me.

Then BAM! Weekend! The hubby and I might go out to dinner. So I won't snack. Which means I'm starving for dinner. So I eat it all. Or we're lounging around the house, so I'll eat more out of boredom. The only good thing....I don't usually have junk in the house. But still...overeating is overeating...no matter what food it is.


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9/26/10 7:46 P

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I think for me it's the change in the routine, and the fact that I am home more.

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9/26/10 6:42 P

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Personally, I get to Friday night and I've just been hanging on so tight all week and I think "i deserve a break" or a treat. Suddenly it's all down hill.

It's only been recently that I've been able to get through a weekend and not completely blow it...but not two weekends in a row.

9/26/10 6:36 P

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I agree with FIT2SWING about the routine being broken. I find it very easy to stick with my plan during the week because everything is scheduled. I still try and schedule a Saturday and Sunday morning walk but it's not mandatory like my M-F workouts. I also have tried to put myself on an eating schedule for the weekend but that has not worked out yet. Especially now that we are getting out more and usually have to grab stuff on the go.

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9/26/10 6:35 P

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I think it's the "weekend mentality". From early in childhood, we have been programed that weekends are "off" days, in which we rest, relax, have fun, basically just take a break from everything.

I really need to get over this. As stay at home mom, my weekends are when my husband's off. He's a trucker, and only home 2-3 days every 2 weeks. That time, I want to spend with him, not cooking healthy, and not exercising. I guess it's a good thing he's gone for 2 weeks at a time!!!

Peace, Rachel

Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results."- James Allen (the quote I get my screen name from!)

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9/26/10 6:35 P

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Simple answer: Best we let ourselves.

All week we work, do all of our other things, and feel like we have to stay on track because it is our "routine"... when the weekend comes, we suddenly get a break and we don't HAVE to do the right things (or the ones that take more effort), so... we allow ourselves to slip.

The good news is, we are new to this journey and eventually healthy weekends will be in our routine also. We are still learning what to do and finding the motivation we need to "be good" on the weekends. It will eventually be natural to us. I'm sure of it!

Last thing to remember... everyone falters and NO ONE is perfect... we will always make mistakes and not do things 100% perfect all the time... that makes us human... and normal. :) So, welcome to being normal. I know it's weird to grasp, but I assure you... you are not alone!

Just strive to make as many healthy decisions as you can on the weekends and accept slip ups and part of the journey.



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9/26/10 6:28 P

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I always figured it was because our routine is broken on the weekends and we try to catch up on everything. I take Saturday and Sunday as "Rest" days when it comes to going to the gym because I'm generally the next state over at my boyfriends and there isn't a close branch of my gym anywhere.

I am working on keeping up with water on the weekends. Once I get that right, I'll move on to the next goal.

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9/26/10 5:45 P

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im really curious to know why. Monday to friday i work my butt off then saturday and sunday comes and im like "blah1" Is it a mind set or something? i find it very funny. I guess it could be that when the weekend comes were very tired from work, school, and whatnot...but man i wish i could be as active on the weekend as i am on weekdays.

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