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CD6202538 Posts: 13,636
9/1/11 9:35 P

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okay, a little more clarification available.

he made mention of computer engineering, which i believe is what he's trying to give us the minimal basics of. anybody know a good computer engineering textbook?

CD6202538 Posts: 13,636
8/31/11 3:04 P

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Hey howdy there

I'm taking a course called "Technical foundations of digital media" and i'm already lost. not so much because of the instructor, but more the fact that i've got little to no background in basic computer stuff. I mean, things like how transistors work and binary code--I have powerpoint slides of his info that he gave out, but he went relatively bare bones about all this, as though we should still know this. I think he said something about "oh, this is high school geometry"--i think he meant algebra for one thing, and for another, its been over 10 years since i've taken a high school math course and while i'm reteaching myself, i'm sure i never hit truth tables and binary logic. the way he elaborated in class just a moment ago, i think its a part of computer engineering what he's teaching us.

I need a good foundation to work with so i can get the gist of this class, i think. I mean, he wants us to grasp the basic concepts of digital media's foundations, but what exactly does that entail. i'm a bit worried and i'm gonna end up postponing turning in my 2nd assignment because i don't know what i should be looking for really (sorry so vague, but its like i look for something, then i have to look up a term, then i have to go back and look up a term in that term, etc.)

Can you guys recommend me a great textbook or book that would help me out in this, to understand the basic functionality of computer technology so i can move on without having to backtrack over and over and over and over again? i need major help here, that's for sure. any ideas on texts would be great. i want to get it.

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