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1/23/14 9:05 P

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I hear you on the unlearning laziness. Just not sure how to do it myself. Fortunately, living on a grad student stipend means that I have zero extra dollars for food, so I have to plan out every meal... which leads to better choices. And since I don't have too much extra time, I just had to add workouts to my weekly schedule. If I can make it automatic, then I can overcome my laziness... if I have a healthy lunch planned, I'll probably be too lazy to walk half a mile to the closest fast food option. You can use laziness to your advantage.

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1/23/14 3:27 P

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I've been thinking about what i need to do for myself health-wise in between the insanity of working (and just starting part-time job 2.5--its tacked onto my ship job, but i do get another paycheck thankfully) and working on my master's degree. The tough part is that i have no good habits to speak of.

The difficulty i think is that i really have no clue where i'm going or what I want. I mean, getting pounds down? sure, i definitely want to lose the weight. otherwise, i'm not sure. The main reason for that is I've been getting heavy since I was 9 or 10 and have never seen myself as a teen or adult with a healthy weight. I have no clue what I will look like or how i feel or how i'll be incorporating exercise the rest of my life. I mean, its like the blind leading the blind here--I have no frame of reference to know myself better.

The unfortunate thing is that i was a really active kid and imaginative, and i had the run of the neighborhood and just had fun. then i got a paranoid stepmother who wouldn't let us out of the house during the summer because of child predators or whatever and thus began my habit of eating when bored. I'd never done that before, and stuck in a small house with stepsisters doing nothing but watching t.v. led to a very sedentary existence the next few years. I just gained weight and nobody would help me make good choices, or make it easier to do so. I unfortunately learned how to be lazy, and I struggle with it constantly. Even today, when I go somewhere to eat, I try to find the better choices on the menu and ignore the desserts, but at the last second i suddenly order one of the not-so healthy options. Then i might get dessert and even after I've ordered it, i feel guilty even before i've put it in my mouth, but i don't change my mind and send it back.

I don't know why i can be conscious of the fact that I can eat better and need to exercise. The thought will cross my mind that "hey, you should exercise now while you've got a minute." but i'll just keep sitting there doing other stuff instead, or that tidal wave of "other things" i need to do suddenly rears its ugly head in my head (admittedly, even with that tidal wave, i'll still sit there a while and just read or play a few games online).

I guess my question's geared mostly toward those in the same boat as me, those who've been gaining weight and been overweight since you were kids and started adulthood unhealthy--how've you gotten through it and succeeded? (though ANY answers would be teriffic). If you're in the same boat, lemme know, because i don't know if i'm making much sense. Otherwise, i'd love to know how you've learned to un-learn laziness. I hate how bad habits have taken over my life. My brain screams at me to do better, but my body won't budge much of the time. Any help would be great, because i realize this is (perhaps) my biggest problem, or at least the most central.

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