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2/9/14 9:41 P

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I've got my carry around analog (pencil in) planner everywhere I go and just remade it last night--but boy I miss Microsoft Works' calendar--that acted like a real planner you could type into, had great presentation, simple to use. I hate the computer planners they have now and don't use outlook, so I'm not using that one (have heard nothing but complaints). I'll put post-its on my computer every day reminding me of what I need to accomplish for that day on the paper (technically its on the computer--hee hee)

yeah, I had the original stuff on a flash drive (which no computer will read) and my obsolete backups were on the regular hard drive. Now I have a new flash drive to use and am backing up every other day.

As far as time out, I'm concentrating on meditating again and more sleep (or at least shut the lights off and lay down for a bit--my brain won't shush long and usually my eyes get tired with this cold weather). I talked to my 2ndary reader and what he was requesting and am trying to get things together for tomorrow (they're doing working interviews with history professors and I said I'd help evaluate--I want to give my primary a redone copy of what I have ready). This has extended things a bit for me and I think its a bit more workable (though i'll have to take more days off work to really get things done in case of mistakes and delays).

I'm going to make it a habit to try and clear my mind for 10 minutes a day again. I'm so forgetful its hard to do, but I'm going to write it down everywhere and try.

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2/5/14 11:02 P

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Story of my life right now. Although, I learned from my mini-breakdown 2nd Semester of Grad School that I had to maximize my productive time to get through my workload. The next semester, while still insanely busy, was much better for my mental health.

I find that I need to set time limits on my work, otherwise I just let it consume my entire life, and I never seem to get anything done. I set aside 2.5 - 3 hour blocks in which I work (not checking emails, not wondering what I'm doing with my life), and that helps me to focus and stay productive. I find I can't really stay focused for much longer than that.

The good news is that I can fit about 3 of these into my schedule every day (2 on Monday), but that gives me the framework around which I can schedule the rest of my life, including some gym time and my sleep. I'm in bed, sleeping, from midnight to 7am every day, which I know is more than a lot of the people in my program. When I get closer to deadlines (I'd figure out what your firm date is), then I can stretch those study sessions to 4 or 5 hours, but I do find that I just can't stay focused that long, so the increased productivity doesn't happen, and I'm spinning my wheels in the library.

Your idea to break up the task into small parts is a good strategy. If you are a To-Do list type person, put these into a Google Calendar task list with some due dates - it's satisfying to check these off as you finish them.

"Life is like a Sewer. What you get out of it depends on what you put into it." -Hen3ry

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2/5/14 12:24 A

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I am working on my Master's thesis and am on a limited time frame (the worst part is I'm not sure exactly when I have to have it all done, just a guesstimation because there're so many factors involved.) My computer fiasco with my thesis paper backups being corrupted, then my attempt to make new ones killed my original drive, has made me retype dozens of pages to work with and has sucked up valuable time I don't have to mess around with the thesis paper.

But at the same time I'm tired and want to exercise. I'm trying to figure out a way to calm myself down, even though time is breathing down my neck. I want restful sleep when I can and to get as much of this paper done as I need to, otherwise I can't graduate this semester (and I don't have the funds to keep paying for more semesters just to extend it). Time is of the essence, but I need to not go into panic mode and be able to rest (this season's clinging winter's really getting me down, I get drowsy so easily now).

Have you been in the position where you know you're behind and need to catch up but need to rest, too? How do you give yourself permission and what do you do about it? I'm trying to think of things but I just have the yelling in my head that I need to do so many things. I've broken my assignments down into smaller parts and am trying to create a workable schedule again that I can adhere to (the retyping mess has taken a week of time away), but with so little time its difficult not to overwhelm my calendar squares!

I'm trying to figure something out, because I've got tons to do, but even as I type this, I'm getting drowsy, and doubt I'll have a restful sleep. I just need good rest and to not feel so overwhelmed by the craziness of this thesis. I have my info, but with lousy attitude and sleep, I can't work on it well. Its a vicious cycle, and I need to figure something out before I have a nervous breakdown (I had a minor one after my first semester of grad school.)

Any help would be great, I can't even clear my noggin' enough to try and meditate anymore (not like I was terribly good at it to begin with, but I'm working on it--or was).

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