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CD23695536 Posts: 336
9/6/18 12:04 P

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I enjoy it but don't eat too much because I realize I'm not used to digesting it. I don't think of meats as anything other than a way to reach my protein needs. It is just that, at my age and my build, I want to feed my body the foods and beverages that are good for me.

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KELLY_R's Photo KELLY_R Posts: 3,114
7/11/18 4:14 P

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It happens.

When it comes to consciously choosing to have a little meat, I just don't do it. I feel as someone else mentioned - I really have an aversion to it. I look at it as eating a dead carcass of something or even to the point of its being unnatural.

That said, there's been a few times where I started to eat something and discovered there was meat in it (like a casserole at a potluck that I swear looked meat-free). I just stop eating it the moment I realize there's meat in it (and feel pretty dang grossed-out regardless.)

Dairy and eggs is a little more difficult. I was lacto-ovo for over 10 years and only this year have gone vegan. There are things I'll eat that later I excuse as a "brain fart" because I'll then realize it was probably made with one of the two items above. This is usually where baked goods are concerned. I just remind myself I need to be more conscious next time around and read the packaging label or ask questions and not assume anything. I don't feel horrible guilt about this because it wasn't a conscious decision to eat it. I either A) wasn't thinking or B) honestly thought it was vegan.

Beating yourself up over eating something non-vegan whether it was a conscious decision or not isn't healthy for you (you deserve some compassion, too, ya know.)

But, as someone else suggested, if you're really set on eating vegan, you may want to ask yourself why you're doing it. If it's for health alone, then I find it's way easier to just "cheat" it, because how often do we cheat ourselves on other healthy decisions, like choosing not to exercise, or eating something we know isn't healthy?

If you tie ethics to it, I think you might find it much easier to not make the decision to eat something non-vegan in the first place.

5/29/18 10:46 A

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I try not to sweat the small stuff. If a sandwich has a bit of mayo on it, or if there is rice cooked in butter, I don't get overly fussed especially when eating out as it can make dining very difficult. As long as I'm not consuming meat or milk products or eating any eggs, I feel pretty good about the choices I make. We are doing what we can to make the world a better place and at the end of the day those intentions have a positive impact, whether perfect or not :)

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CD23111435 Posts: 113
4/20/18 9:59 P

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After watching many documentaries on the benefits of eating whole foods starch based plant foods, and the health hazards of eating non vegan foods (including oils and processed foods), I'm not tempted to eat non vegan.

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3/28/18 11:31 P

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I sit in the bathroom for dumb long because my stomach turns into a bubbling cauldron. And that's not even eating meat or dairy. It's like...oil which I normally don't use...or eating out when I don't realize something's cooked in butter.. .or I say...no butter...and it's in there anyway. I don't do meat or dairy ever so I don't have that particular issue...but don't beat yourself up at all. Your human and all we do is bumble through life making mistakes until we die. Just try to be your best self and deuces to the haters!!!! Lololol 💖💖💖💖

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3/28/18 9:59 P

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I am a vegetarian, not vegan - and I can't say this happens to me very often.

But here are some exceptions: one time I ate a slice of pizza that had sausage on top because I was at work and one of the managers brought it to me. I ate it and got a horrible stomach ache, so after that I decided to either speak up about my preference or find a way to take the meat off the pizza and bring it home to my dog.

Last summer I went on a group camping trip. The person that was planning the meals knew I was vegetarian, so there were a few things I could eat, but I would have been pretty hungry if I didn't allow myself to eat fish that week.

When I am going with a group to a restaurant I check out the menu first, and if there is absolutely nothing I can eat I don't go. But I have to expect that I will only have a few choices at most places.

But anyway, if I did eat meat or fish I would just try to get past it. Its just food.

I have to say I never think about eating meat and have an aversion to it, so it may be easier for me than for others. I have been a vegetarian for almost 8 years, and never really had a problem staying away from meat.

Its probably because I have 3 reasons for being vegetarian - I hate the animal cruelty, animal agriculture is bad for the environment, and going meat-free is better for my health. Most people give up meat for one of the 3 reasons, but having all 3 probably means I have very little temptation. If I am eating meat or fish its because there is nothing else available.

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MRSBERTHOLD Posts: 1,487
3/28/18 2:05 P

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I have a confession to make. I ate a bit of meat this morning. It was not even 1/4 cup of cooked shrimp, but the perfectionist in me is very upset.

I feel ridiculous about being this upset. I also know that being vegetarian/vegan isn't about being the most perfect vegetarian/vegan.

Everytime I "make a mistake" when it comes to being vegan, I learn.

What do you do when you make a vegan/vegetarian "mistake"? I'd love to see your responses!

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