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3/8/12 11:56 A

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I don't go by the BMI scale. I think that it is for only one type of body shape, IMO. I'm really curvy and I want to stay that way. If I reach the weight the BMI chart says I should, I think I will look quite gaunt and will have no muscle or curves at all. Not a good look.

I am EXACTLY the same as you! I'm 5'10'' and I've set my goal as 170 too!!! What a coincidence. The lowest I've ever been is 185lbs, and I remember still feeling really overweight at that weight. 170 is kind of a random number I've picked, based on how I feel I looked at 185. But I'm really just going to see how I feel/look along the way, and edit it if I need to.

I work out and do weight training loads too, and I am definitely building muscle (I can see it so clearly, especially in my arms). I would much rather be strong and fit, than skinny and bony,
How long have you been at this? The weight might take a while to drop off. I'm doing low carb and the weight is literally driping off me. But that might not be the plan for you. Don't give up just because the scale is not going your way. Keep working out and doing your weights and it will do it's thing.

2/20/12 7:41 P

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I would definitely calculate you're BMI and see what that says you're ideal weight should be, but I think it's kind of a complicated question when you consider build, frame size, etc. Sorry if that's not very helpful.

I also found this, might be worth a read: www.medicalnewstoday.com/info/obesit

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2/20/12 1:04 P

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Hi everyone, it's my first time posting but I've been lurking for a while, everyone seems so supportive so I've decided to finally jump in!

When I first started SP in January, I set my goal weight at 170 pounds. I'm 5' 10" and currently at 200, and I considered 170 was a comfortable and maintainable weight.

Exercise and weight training have been a big part of my plan, and as such I'm building muscle and strength (yay!) and slowly losing inches, but have lost no weight at all. I completely understand that muscle weighs more than fat and that losing inches is great, but now I'm reconsidering my weight goal. When I was at 170 I wasn't muscular at all, so now I wonder if 170 is a good target or if trying to aim for that is unrealistic and will be impossible.

Is there a way to determine an ideal weight for different builds and body types? I would like to set a goal in this area but am honestly not sure what that goal should be. Thank you in advance!

Do something everyday that your future self will thank you for.

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