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Thanks for the tips.

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1. Be super hard core and avoiding triggers in the beginning. Once you have set a pattern and have confidence, you can probably be near triggers more confidently (either sweet food or booze around you or eating some of it). But starting out, it's too hard when you are not compliant as a pattern.

2. Stay ahead of hunger. So many people binge after saying they can't eat all the food. Well, eat proper meals and veggies. Even if not hungry.

3. Max veggies and get tips to bulk your food up. Stick extra veggies in the eggwhites, etc. Mound the pizza with veggies, do the slice in half trick, etc. etc. Eggwhites instead of string cheese, etc. etc. [food tips girls will help you with many specifics and also analyze your current diet if you start a thread.]

4. Do lots of minimeals (breakfast and dinner are splittable) and eat every couple hours.

5. Avoid particular items if they are triggers (sweet desserts, bfasts, lunch bars). Oatmeal is pretty safe. Salty snack desserts are safe, especially if you consume them as a separate minimeal ON TOP of a Poly salad.

6. Avoid situations where you are in danger (AT THE BEGINNING OF DIET). Don't go out for lunch, don't have junk in the house, don't be around booze, etc. etc. With time, if you set a pattern, you will become so strong, there is no temptation and you can truly easily enjoy going out for beers and drinking diet soda. But at diet start? No way. Too dangerous.

7. Brush your teeth after last meal. Don't wait until going to bed. Do it when you think you are done eating. It's just a tiny hurdle that will make you more compliant.

8. Try to have a normal sleep pattern (not late nights...they are a danger time).

9. If you are on company travel, expensed, realize it is a danger zone. Stay ahead of hunger. Stop by a store and buy veggies (and expense them! :)) They will last fine for a few days in the hotel room even with no cooler. Pack some cut carrots and some beef jerkey in your briefcase as emergency food (not even planned lunch, but survival food on top of that!) Put some at your desk and or breakroom fridge too. Of course pack lunches too...buy one of those soft cooler lunch box thingies with some size to it...like a working man.

10. Get at least a little exercise in. 30 minute walk is always possible. It is a de-stresser. The tiredness will help with sleeping. And the calorie burn helps with motivation.

11. (slightly controversial) I would NOT cut coffee out of your diet to start. I see some people go super hard core like this and it is too much dealing with lack of caffeine headaches for 2 weeks while trying to start a diet. There's no calories in coffee. Oh...and black and bitter, not blonde and sweet. Believe me, you will get used to the taste in a few days and it is WAY better than having nothing.

12. (slightly controversial) I would allow yourself diet soda. The 2L bottles are very cheap and if you have several of them, you can have a lot of volume even if your sweet tooth kicks in and works more. diet root beer, diet ginger ale, and diet orange are great tastes and no caffeine. Good on crushed ice! Also, if you have just had a late salad or cut veggies, the liquid will swell up the fiber in your tummy and give evening satiation.

13. If you are behind on food and tempted to eat high calorie density food when you finally get hungry (either catchup, or total binge), try to at least eat some real food (meat, veggies) first. A lot of times the temptation will be less once you are satiated. This is a general theme of more good food, pushing out bad food. It will even work out at dinner. SPEND the money and order a salad (even a big one if needed) while people are having appetizers and cocktails. It will tide you over until the fish dinner or chicken breast that you ordered comes.

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