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11/30/16 9:58 P

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I just discovered the grouping feature, so tonight, I took what my hubby (yay!) made for dinner and did the grouping as the total calories in the meal. Then I calculated what I ate (1/8) and used that with the grouping to calc what I had. Sometimes I eat more than a serving, so this allows me to accurately calculate how much I really ate. And, I have the grouping for the next time he makes it!
Love that feature!

PS: I just realized this message is kind of old, but I'm still excited about the grouping feature, so I;m submitting my reply anyway!! :)

CD6540658 Posts: 621
1/6/11 5:32 P

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As they said. if it says something like to 7-10 servings, I usually go with the 10 or somewhere in between.

MOMMADOM09's Photo MOMMADOM09 Posts: 34
1/6/11 1:22 P

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I agree with the others. I just cook it as directed and then split it into the servings. Then I freeze or refridgerate the rest for my husband and I to either take for lunch or have another evening when we're both working late or tired.

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CD8203440 Posts: 720
1/6/11 11:33 A

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As the other Sparkies mentioned, there is no standard service size for recipes (ie: 1/2 cup or 1 cup) like you find on the sides of boxes of cereal or the milk carton.

If you follow a recipe to a T with the ingredients listed (don't estimate) and it says "Serves 6" or "Serve 8" then you divide the dish into that many servings and you'll see how big their serving size is. When I make recipes (like pasta or soup) I try to measure out what 1/6th of the total recipe makes so I have an idea in my head for the next time I make the recipe how much it will be.

CHRYSTALD82 Posts: 19
1/13/10 11:08 A

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When i cook things like this its hard for me to count the right amount of calories with it as well, but i try to make my portions just a little more than what i put on my daughters plate and she is 5. This is what my nutritionist told me to do and it actually helps me see what a real serving should be. But i know its hard when you dont have the exact amount of calories right there in front of you to go by.

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1/6/10 7:44 A

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In my experience, I have noted that most foods will make reference to a serving size...
It may be in grams, a fraction of the whole recipe or some other portion.
"Serves Six" is a good indication as has been mentioned, just keep your goals in mind and modify the servings as required.

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11/2/09 12:27 P

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I have found that there is no "standard" serving size. Although for many items one-half cup is a serving.

If a recipe says "serves six", then you prepare the dish with the ingredients listed (properly measured) and divide the result into 6 servings. It seems to me that most recipes use small servings to keep the calories, fat, & carbs low.

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11/2/09 12:04 P

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Is there a standard serving size for recipes? For example a cup of cassarole. If the recipe says serves 6 and I make a huge cassarole how do I know how much to give myself when nothing says it? Please help.

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