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4/1/19 11:19 A

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Very informative. Makes me think about what I am doing wrong!

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3/31/19 8:27 P

Interesting read on toxic vs real hunger. Thanks for sharing!

3/31/19 12:58 P

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Thank you for sharing this great information. I am trying to pack in nutrients in the am with a mix of fruit and veggies in my new vitamix blender I just purchased at Costco. Then after eating, if I feel hungry still, I drink some warm green tea. Seams to be working so far.

My name is Lisa and I am from Iowa.

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3/31/19 7:59 A

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I've read Dr. Fuhrman's "The End of Dieting". He has so much wisdom to share!

Thank you for posting the excerpt from the book. It's worth reading and rereading!

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3/30/19 2:49 P

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"When we eat primarily foods high in calories, without incorporating sufficient amounts of protective nutrients into our diets, our cells become congested with waste productus such as free readicals and advanced glycation end products (AGEs), collectively known as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can lead to inflammation, cell damage, and premature cell death. More often than not, it is accompanied by a buildup of toxic metabolites that can create physcial symptoms of withdrawwal between meals. I call these withdrwawal symptoms toxic hunger.

Discomfort after stopping an addictive substance is called withdrawal, and it is significant because it represents detoxification or a biochemical healing after a substance is withdrawn. It's nearly impossible to cleanse the body of a harmful substance without experiencing discomfort. Detoxification is enhances when digestion ceases. So when digestion is finished, people often feel queasy, tired, or headachy and most often believe that these minor discomforts are actually feelings of hunger. Eating something restarts digestion and shuts down the detoxification process, which helps make the bad feelings go away.
Let me explain.
There are two phases of the digestive cycle, the anabolic and catabolic. During the anabolic, or building, phase, you eat, chew, digest, and absorb nutrients, which slows or halts the active process of detoxification that occurs most efficiently when the body is not actively digesting food. When digestion stops, the body enters its catabolic phase, and detoxification immediately starts to rev up. As a result, people experience detox symptoms, which they interpret as hunger. They just HAVE to eat again, they think, even though their body is already overfilled with calories. They eiter eat frequently so their body doesn't enter the catabolic phase for any sustained time, or they can eat calorically dense meals and animal products to keep the digestion (anabolic) process active until it's tim to eat again.
The distinction between real hunger and toxic hunger is crucial. Unlike true hunger, which appears when the body has burned through most of the stored calories from the previous meal and is now ready to be refueled, toxic hunger occurs when the body starts to get rid of these dangerous toxins. We immediately feel discomfort, which makes us think we need to eat or drink a high-caloric load for relief. This drives overeating behavior and strongly increases your desire to consume more calories than the body requires.
The more you search for quick relief, however, the more you inhibit the detoxification, or healing, process. Uncomfortable sensations are very often the signals that repair is underway and the removal of toxins is occuring. We mistake these symptoms for actual hunger and, as a result, mistakenly eat too often and too much to lessen them, which causes us to pack on the pounds, make ourselves sick, and, in the process, perpetuate the vicious circle of addiction. (...)

When people start a healthy diet, for instance, the first three to five days are usually the most uncomfortable. This is precisely why all diets fail. No matter the diet, they all try to get people to eat less, and eating less is too uncomfortable physically and emotionally. The only way to comfortably eat less is to help the body desire less food, which requires us to get rid of the toxic hunger. Micronutrient adequacy is needed to prevent the buildup of toxins in cells, a primary cause of toxic hunger. In order to gravitate comfortably toward a more favorable weight, our diet has to be healthier and more micronutrient complete.

(.....) The first step to resolving food addiction is to eat lots of micronutrient produce, which will crowd out the junk food and, over time, lessen toxic hunger signals and eventually eliminate your craving for junk. Fill your stomach with foods that have a high-nutrient, low-calorie density - foods such as raw vegetables, ruits, beans, onions, and mushrooms, which help you beat your addiction and lose weight. These fill up your stomach so much that you won't feel like eating the concentrated calories found in addictive foods."

From 'The End of Dieting' by Joel Fuhrman

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