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7/13/19 11:47 P

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Awesome article. What it said and what you are saying makes so much sense. Good to hear someone else saying so.


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6/10/19 6:16 A

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I wanted to share this one somewhere, and though maybe this would be the best place.

I had to Google IIFYM = if it fits your macros

This article is about how we need to progress from the stages of learning - to the stage where we KNOW and just do it.

This, for me, is the structure that No S gives me. When you decide to eat three times a day - you pretty soon start making sure that those three meals are nutritionally sound and satisfying.

The writer describes the four stages of learning and ends with this

"A basketball player doesn’t have to look toward their trainer to make a free-throw. They are able to walk up and shoot the ball. This should be our goal with nutrition. We should be able to delete My Fitness Pal. We should be able to donate our food scale to Goodwill. We should be able to look at a tangerine and be thankful for fruit, not resent the numbers beneath the peel. We should be able to walk into the kitchen and eat like a human—faintly guided by the time spent eating a little more like a robot."

This is right - I do KNOW what to eat and how much of it I can eat to stay at the weight I want to be. I do KNOW what to eat to keep my mood stable, and to prevent craves and binges. I do KNOW.



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