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JIJJI1313's Photo JIJJI1313 Posts: 447
1/25/10 3:27 P

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1. Size 8
2. 18% BF
3. 160 LBS!
4. Go to the beach all of summer!
5. Run 3 miles straight!
6. Do a fun family cardio at least once a week like skating, swimming, or canoeing!
7. Be a little bit more neater.
8. Eat at home at least Monday thru Friday!
9. Save about 5,000 for the summer!

OK that's about it! LOL

Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is.
-Vince Lombardi-

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GREGGERS069's Photo GREGGERS069 Posts: 57
1/17/10 12:25 P

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Here is my goal for 2010
1. Get my waist down to 36"
2. Able to run 5 miles three times a week
3. Weight train hard enough to be able to increase my strength by 75%
4. Be a good father and husband to my wife and kids.
5 Do well in school and work

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1/6/10 8:21 P

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Here are a few of my goals for 2010:
1. Finish coursework to renew teaching liscense (hopefully by Spring Break).
2. Finish Coursework to gain my Personal Training Certificate...hopefully before June.
3. Get bodyfat down to 18%
4. Run Half-Marathon (this is dependant on solving the Tarsal Tunnel I have in my left foot).
5. At least 6 workouts a week.
6. Get the whole eating thing figured out. I've been doing good at the 40/35/25 macro ratio, but I need to see where my bodyfat % is right now and then modify my intake and such to get to my goal. Perhaps explore the carb cycling or calorie cycling again.

i think this is a good place to start, and as things progress we will adjust and make additions when possible.

Strong is what you have left when you've used up all your weak.

No Excuses, Just Results!


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LEANVIXEN's Photo LEANVIXEN Posts: 2,916
1/6/10 8:05 P

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Some of my goals are:

~ Get my body fat down to 20%
~ Stay active
~ Become fluent in French
~ Learn to play the piano
~ Become fluent in Spanish
~ Run a Half Marathon
~ Do a 50-63 mile bike race
~ Get to a weight that my body is comfortable maintaining for the rest of my life
~ Regain control over my eating habits

"No Excuses. Only results"


"Nothing tastes as good as Sexy feels." ~ Me

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1/6/10 7:27 P

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1. Work on making my home to be a better home.
*Accept where I am at and make it better.
*Be happy with where I am at and make it better.
*Paint all the rooms, I still got 4 more to go!

2. 50 hours of volunteer.
*Give back to the community.
*Help others.
*Take the eyes of my problem and focus on others and do what I can to help them.

3. Complete the MS 150.
*Raise $400 to participate in the ride from Houston to Austin.
*Complete the ride in April 17-18, 2010

4. Achieve 3,650,000 steps by December 23, 2010
*Walk 10,000 steps every day.
*Blog in for accountability.

5. Get back to the magic number 6 and stay there!
*Eat clean 6 days a week.
*3 days of strength training.
*5 days of cardio burning 586 calories per session.
*Yoga or stretching oce a week.

6. Have more fun!
*Explore new venues.
*Spend more time with family and friends.
*Travel more this year.
*Live outside my comfort zone.

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1/6/10 6:00 P

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Here are my health and fitness related goals for 2010 (I also have several other categories of goals, which are posted on my SparkPage blog:

1. Decrease my body fat to a healthy range (under 25%).
2. Train for a 10K in April. Then reassess and decide if I want to go further and train for a half maraton by the end of 2010. I've signed up to go on a running retreat near Destin, FL with Jeff Galloway (it's supposed to be beautiful there, so this will be a nice break. The theme is running for weight loss, so I will combine a great mini vacation with weight loss info & a 10K/half marathon training plan, which will be helpful too).
3. Continue to eat clean & healthy (basically off Tom's BTF Foods Quick Reference Chart)
4. Exercise. 6x week cardio (3 days run, 3 days walk), 3x week strength (walk on strength days)
5. Do better at tracking my daily food intake. I've gotten sloppy lately.
6. Floss daily (I hate this!, but I gotta do it).
7. Reach my goal weight of 137 by July or so (July would be an average of 3 lbs per month).
8. Waist under 32 inches (actually reaching the high end of the healthy zone - 35 inches - and then going below that to the healthy waist size for my height)
9. Burn 2350 calories per day as measured by my GWF

1. Listen to a fitness/healthy lifestyle podcast daily
2. Read a fitness book each month
3. Subscribe/read several fitness magazines / newsletters
4. Review my goals daily

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GGREENE's Photo GGREENE Posts: 2,871
1/5/10 1:38 P

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Here are some things to remember when setting your goals:
1) They must be measurable
2) They must be time bound
3) They must be challenging yet achievable
4) They must be specific
5) You must write them down

My #1 goal is to lose 30 lbs. by Dec 1, 2010.

I will lose 30 lbs by Dec 1, 2010. (putting me at 165)

I am working on my other mini goals...or action steps.

Right now my action steps are to
1) Plan a general family menu for each week before shopping (this was my resolution a few years ago and I have done it ever since)
2) In the evening, plan out my meals for the coming day and enter it in the food tracker, adjust as needed.
3) 30 minutes of activity every day (exercising is the easy part for me, for now I want my focus on what goes in my mouth...when that's on track I can easily turn it up a notch)
4) Weigh myself once a week

My concern is not that you have failed, but that you are content in your failure. -Abe Lincoln

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SHANIMCK's Photo SHANIMCK Posts: 11,621
1/1/10 12:03 P

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*Stop eating baked sweets (LOVE them... but I have an unhealthy relationship with them where I begin to binge once I've had some)

*Find the right calorie level to start really losing weight again. I want to get back down to 120-123 (from 128).

*Get to 18% body fat.

*Keep up my fitness plans (feel those are on track).

On a personal level:

*I want to get a social life again, so my focus is to develop friendships in town.

*I want to focus on my daughter better. Build up our family cohesion.

*Get my house decorated to my liking (meaning I need to commit time to it!)

*Get back into FlyLady to handle day to day chores better.

So, I have a lot of things I want to do, no concrete plans... but that will come along this weekend hopefully. The key to making it all work is to coming up with a plan to make it actually come to reality. :)

I've backslidden... I reached my goal and was now maintaining, but now I need to lose 10 pounds and firm up.

Orig SW 150, GW 134, CW 134, new goal weight 123

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MINDYOGI's Photo MINDYOGI Posts: 508
1/1/10 11:16 A

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I'm also going to take some time to day and this weekend to specify my short term goals- goals month by month, and goals for each week of this month, but I have already decided on some goals for this year:
1. ) I will Qualify for the 2011 NYC Marathon by complete 9 NYRR-scored, qualifying races during 2010, and volunteer at 1 race.
2.) I will run at least 1 Half Marathon this year.
3.) I will bring healthy snacks/lunches to work EVERY work day.
4.) I will continue eating gluten free.
5.) I will get to 150 lbs before May 30th- my wedding day!
6.) I will work out for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week.
7.) As measured by my GoWear Fit, I will burn over 2500 calories a day 4 days a week.
8.) I will continue to learn G-free and clean recipes.

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HOTMOMA970's Photo HOTMOMA970 Posts: 1,946
1/1/10 8:50 A

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In 2009 my goal is to become the me that I know I can be. I am going to try harder to achieve my goals.

What ever does not kill me will make me stronger.

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GGREENE's Photo GGREENE Posts: 2,871
12/31/09 10:04 A

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I want to take some time over the next day or few days to really decide on my goals, WRITE THEM DOWN with specific goals and time lines, and become intense. Although I've really tried to maintain exercise and eating healthy over the holidays, my intensity hasn't been the same...on purpose. I lost 10 lbs over the past year and wanted to maintain that loss through the holidays, then for 2010 focus on the rest of the baby weight. I'll post when I have my specific goals and action steps. Exercise is the easy part for me.

My concern is not that you have failed, but that you are content in your failure. -Abe Lincoln

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SHANIMCK's Photo SHANIMCK Posts: 11,621
12/28/09 11:38 P

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My goal is to lose fat and gain muscle. I'd like to get back down to 122-123 on the scale and down to 18% body fat. I'm at 22.2% but probably higher after the last week and need to drop 7 lbs. You'd think it would be easy, but the last year has been more about maintaining or even a gradual fat% gain.

I've backslidden... I reached my goal and was now maintaining, but now I need to lose 10 pounds and firm up.

Orig SW 150, GW 134, CW 134, new goal weight 123

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12/28/09 2:37 P

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my goal is to get my body fat percent under 35% (currently 57%! EWW) Weight i'd like to see under 100kg but if I dont that is fine as long as I drop some serious body fat!

JAZMIN-A's Photo JAZMIN-A Posts: 102
12/27/09 11:23 P

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Hello All!

Hope you have all been enjoying the Holidays. It is so hard to say no and stay on track over the holidays. I know I had a few to many shortbread cookies. But as the year ends I find myself thinking of where I want to be in 2010, where I wish I had pushed myself a bit more in 2009 and where I can push myself now.

I just started doing hot yoga and can see why people love it, it's a great workout! And you burn so many calories doing it. So I bought myself a 7 month pass to my local yoga studio and plan to make it there at least 3 times a week:)

Here are some of my plans:
*Hot Yoga 4-5 times a week
*Yin Yoga 1-2 times a week
*Interval Running 2-3 times a week
*Cleanse in February
*Less salt and sugar
*More whole foods and steamed veggies

In February as we have the olympics happening here in town and I can't go away but have time off I plan to do a cleanse and hit the yoga studio everyday:)

In March I plan to go on a 3 day yoga retreat.

Otherwise I just want to get my body strong and to be well on my way to 20% body fat by the end of the year!


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