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1/21/19 10:07 A

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The unreasonable rules trap was a good read this morning. I have way too much stress right now. I'm pretty sure it stems from feeling like I'm not doing a good job being a mom. I'm trying to correct a minor problem and nothing seems to be working. I'm a single mom and keep telling myself that I'm doing the best I can, but I just keep thinking there must be something more I can do. Trying to be nicer to myself and not have unreasonable expectations. As expected, its not helping my ability to stay on my diet. Hanging in there!


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12/30/18 12:30 P

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****************Week 7: 31 December -06 January 2019 ****************

We brought a few chapters forward to help us cope with winter holiday food situations - I hope you found the Food Pusher, Family, Eating out, Holiday and Getting Off Track chapters helpful!

Now we go back to the chapters we skipped, and continue reading with Chapter 3: STRESS TRAPS.
What are you thinking?
Please share here!

#1: The Too Busy Trap - your life feels too packed and stressful to make time for healthy eating.
#2: The Unreasonable Rules Trap - you create overly restrictive rules for yourself that lead to stress.
#3: The De-Stress with Food Trap - you eat to relax after a stressful day.
#4: The When Things Calm Down Trap - you think it will be too difficult to work on healthy eating during a stressful time.

#1 and #2 used to be a big issue for me, before I joined SP in 2011 I didn't have any time for myself, for my own goals, I was always in a hurry and overly stressed... and overate each night.. The Spark (book) taught me how to carve out time for eating better and exercise, and ever since, I continue to have more and more time for myself, because I made it a priority. So I got these down before I read the Beck books.
The combination of #3 De-Stress with Food and #4 When Things Calm Down trap bothers me still:
*I binge very rarely, only when I'm stressed by exceptionally intense family drama situations, about once per year.
*in summer when my usual routines are messed up and there is a lot of vacations, travel and family celebrations, I have a tendency to loosen up and overeat.
I analyzed this in September 2018, and -like "Kristen" in the book- realized loosening up just ADDS to my stress. To REDUCE stress I need to keep up my routine eating, exercise and sleep patterns.
Now I have a few good "worth-it memories" that prove to me that it works : )

I would like to share my favorite quote from The Spark, it gives a very similar message:
"When life is difficult, you've got to take control of what you can.
When confidence is low, that's exactly when you need to be at your healthiest, strongest and most energetic.
There is no better time to create your own little corner of sanity and positive feeling."

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Maintenance Lessons Learned:
-go on with the healthy lifestyle learned in weight loss phase
-just add healthy foods gradually to stop losing
-work out every day - 30-60 minutes is enough to maintain weight and good mood
-do not try to balance overeating by extreme workouts, it is not going to work
-avoid overeating, instead of satisfaction you get stronger cravings

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1/5/16 8:38 A

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just posted my blog on the stress trap

this one is for ME.

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1/4/16 8:00 A

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This ONE is for me!

Gaye / Michigan


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1/3/16 9:00 P

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'ello all! This is the place to link blogs and post discussions regarding the Stress Trap outlined in "The Diet Trap Solution," AKA Blue Blue.

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