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6/27/16 7:46 A

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Wait is a word I hate. I'm not a patient person, but have learned being impatient doesn't help anything and just makes me more anxious. I have waited on God for things so many times and sometimes I wondered if He was ignoring me. I guess I expect God to do just what I ask and am not open to Him doing something opposite of what I ask or just saying WAIT. All my life I wanted my mothers pain in the rear relatives to go away and leave us alone. That never happened! In my selfish child way I "prayed" for this, but God just kept saying no. It took losing both of my parents and leaving Maine to be rid of them totally. Looking back at it all I can see that God was just saying wait, be patient. It was a rough and rocky road He asked me to walk, but He was with me all the way. I'm still not free of "relatives". I married into a VERY weird family, but at least they are far away in Maine and our house is too small for company. I made sure of that emoticon

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6/25/16 1:25 P

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I accept His gift of patience so I don't have to ask for it as its mine now! He has given us all of his spiritual gifts to make us like Him

As I wait on Him, in worship n praise, time unfolds, bringing me all I've requested ! In His timing! Trust in Him to do it! He will if it lines up with His word! Time only exists in our plane, anyway! So lets wait on Him in worship! Practice for eternity \0/

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6/22/16 12:57 P

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It seems everyone I know says they won't pray for patience, because then God places them in a trial that tests their patience. I'm an oddball, I guess, because I DO pray for patience. Those not praying for patience are going through trials anyway - they might as well ask for the patience to get through it! lol I believe that may we why we sometimes have to KEEP going through things, or go through them over and over again, is because we didn't learn the first time. Also, patience is a fruit of the spirit - fruit grows on trees - so to ask for joy, peace, other fruits, but to neglect other fruits will leave us looking like a deformed tree. (Yes, my thinking is a bit twisted at times. lol)

This topic - waiting on God to answer our prayers - is something I've been hearing quite a bit lately.

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6/22/16 5:34 A

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I "LOVE" your post!

One quote my beloved pastor's wife once told me that I will 'never' forget!
Is to never pray for PATIENCE, because God will test you beyond measure.... and He will test your patience instead!!!

hahahahaaaaa...... I ask God daily to help me with circumstances that I don't understand. I ask Him for guidance. There are times that I grow weary, and HE knows. I tell the Lord how weary I am, and He gives me peace and rest. I wake up each new day refreshed.

Praise HIM. Thank you for this post and reminder of the Lord and His wonderful arms to hold us up.

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6/21/16 9:03 P

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well said my friend, I am working so hard at learning to let go and let God

working hard every day to make healthy choices, to become the best version of me

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6/21/16 7:04 P

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Isaiah 40:31 "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint."

Lamentations 3:25 "The Lord is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeketh Him."

Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."

When we go to God seeking deliverance or direction, we often get impatient if He doesn't move fast enough, according to the schedule we unconsciously place on Him. We must realize God doesn't operate on our schedules, He moves in His time...According to His perfect will. Please know God hears you, He knows our innermost needs and desires. We must learn to patiently wait for God's answer, and when it comes, accept His will and move within it.

We take so many things to God and expect immediate answers. Are we as faithful to Him? How often do we move immediately when God tells us to? How often do we abide in Him even when life is raining trials and tribulations in our lives. I can testify and admit my impatience while waiting on God to move. My trivial needs seem so urgent, I occasionally find myself wanting to run ahead of Him. So many wasted efforts...I am only delaying my Blessing, by keeping my hands on the problem. God doesn't need my help...He needs me to be still and get out of His way!

Please be encouraged and know how much God loves you! Don't place periods on situations in your life where God has simply placed a comma. God can see so far past our limited vision, we often hold on to "temporary" Blessings, when God has a greater "permanent" Blessing in store.

As we take things to God, we need to patiently wait on Him. He wants the best for His children, but we need to understand His best often does not align with our plans. Give it to God, and be still...You will find He can Bless you beyond measure. Pray without ceasing, and keep seeking His face in everything you do. God is faithful to those who love Him, let Him do exceedingly great things in your life!

I'm Too Blessed To Be Stressed!!!

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