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Oh yes. Great, thanks to your hubby and to you.

Having worked in the Military, for Federal and State governments (not at the same time), and in small business as well as a huge Corporation, I can tell you that most people facing issues and struggles face two pagan options. 1) Because my favorite tool is a hammer, every problem is a nail (even if they are screws, bolts, etc); 2) Because I am real good at putting out fires, eventually if there are no fires I'll start one.

"You're A Tool" is in complete agreement with one we read in 1Pet2. I'm going to use another mental picture. 2000 yrs ago, stones in old large buildings were cut-to-fit to place. They did not use mortar to try to do that. This is also how the 3 Temples were built (Solomon's, Zerubbabel's, Herod's). Jesus' profession was not a carpenter as we think in today's terms, but was basically a "fitter of wood". That means fitting timbers usually, but does not mean he did not make wood into other forms or fittings. Making things fit exactly together without nails or mortar is what I'm thinking about. I suppose in one way, I like to say, since Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone then we are all chips off the same block. hahaha

_ga-note: I say three because, well, Herod built what he wanted around Zerubbabel's Temple, which once his was built he destroyed the second temple. Thus it was not repairing or refurbishing or extending an ell, building towers. Nope, a completely different and separate Temple. But the "experts" call Herod's still being the Second, yet Zerubbabel's it is not. Oh well... I just went way off past left field on that one. hahahaha

I'm not even near perfect, but I know someone who is.

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6/29/16 2:09 P

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The following was written by my husband a few days ago and posted to his study group. Thought I'd share it here.
Good afternoon everyone, hope everyone is in good health and being blessed today.

I want to share something the Lord was showing me earlier his morning. Our church started Thursday night services last night, and we had a little pot luck dinner before hand, and afterward had a great service. And as I was thinking about it, I started thinking about my son, who ate too much and gave himself a stomachache lol. As I was thinking of him and the differences between us,God started showing me an analogy. Just as me and my son are different, like him always eating, me rarely eating... he is quiet, shy, reserved, I'm not shy and reserved and quiet when it comes to spiritual things (I kinda am in the natural some would say). All this then turned to tools, the different types and ways they are used. Now most men in here will get this real easy.. we use tools. As I sat and thought on this for about 30 minutes to an hour, I got up, went in my room, took some tools out, brought them in, set them on the table and spread them out. I then begin to tell my wife what God was showing me. I had a double ended wrench, i think a 3/8's. but it was small, I also had a 3 quarter inch break over bar (heavy duty), a hammer,and a hand held saw.

Now... each one of these tools, were all created for a purpose, some for small jobs some for big jobs. Some were created to withstand alot of pressure on them some were not, you can use a wrench or break over bar for a hammer if need be but it was not created or intended for that , and wont be very effective,or take a long time to get the job done. But in that process you could break or ruin the tool you are using. God was also showing me, that some are flexible, and some have no flexibility in them. If you put too much pressure on a wrench, 9/10 times it will bend,and if you put too much pressure on a break over bar it will snap in two. This is because of how it was created and the purpose it was created for. Once a tool has been bent or broke, normally it isnt any good any more, you have to either replace it or repair it to get it back to the way it was in the beginning. This is where it gets good. To repair a tool properly, you have to heat it up to the point of destroying it, then beat it back in to shape, then it has to be retempered. Now lets take this concept, and put it to our Christian life... We are all Gods tools... big, little, strong, flimsy, etc.
All created for a different purpose, some can be used in place of others if done properly, but the effectiveness, and time will be different. Some people are strong,..I've had a lot of people tell me I'm a strong person with no give, and no backup in me, I believe what I believe and will not change that, and have no problem sharing my beliefs with others... and all people see is a strong tool. Yet no one sees how many times I've been broken, and bent, and thrown back in the tool box to be repaired, and had to be remade, so to speak. God has had to place me back in the fire and reforge me more times than i can count....all because either I placed too much pressure on myself or someone else did.
If we are not careful, we can break a person or twist and bend them to the point that God can't use them without first putting them back in the fire. We should also expect to be put in the fire from time to time, that's how God tempers us and forms us for the job he has for us. Each person in the church is different , all with weaknesses and strengths. and created for a different job. Some can be used for more than one, some were created for just one. Then you have the all purpose tool,(pastors, and preachers). Their the ones that God created to withstand the most pressure, but are also the ones that will break and not bend when too much pressure is put on them.
But go a little deeper, and we can take the entire world and put them here. God still created each and everyone of them to be his tool. but somewhere along the line in their life, they have either been broken,and thrown away,or they have been twisted and destroyed and used for evil. Yes, even a tool can be used for evil, This does not mean they are worthless and good for nothing. and need to be thrown away and forgotten, this means that God needs to put them back in the fire and reform them, and GUESS WHAT He uses other tools to do that Which means, he uses me and you to bring those tools to him so he can repair them.
So remember every time you have to go through the fire, God is just fixing something that is either broke, or bent, and is making you stronger than you were so you can get back to doing what he has called you to do. which is bring other broken and twisted and bent tools to him. Remember no one is ever useless when used in Gods Hands.
When my husband and I were discussing this, there was another point that he didn't mention in the above.... Too many people are trying to lives their lives either not understanding what tool they are, or not liking the tool they are and trying to be a different tool. Many feel lost because they don't yet know the gifts and callings that God has placed within them. Others know their calling, but don't want that calling. How many times have you heard a minister saying that they spent years running from their calling?

Have you ever used a butter knife as a screwdriver? You may be able to get the screw to come out, but it takes longer. And if that screw is really tight, you can break the butter knife, because it's too much pressure.

Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves. We think of where we SHOULD be in our walk with the Lord, and we think of all the things that we want to do for Him. In the end we can become discouraged, and often it leads us to stop doing those things that we should be doing. We allow others to put too much pressure on us, either directly by the things they say, or indirectly by us wishing we had a ministry like theirs or that we were as strong, bold, eloquent, etc. as them. But we have to trust that God has created each of us to be a different tool, and our purpose will not look like someone else's purpose.

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