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6/29/16 11:43 P

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Thanks for the thread. Sometimes we don't like actually measuring ourselves. Yet God tells us in Scripture examining ourselves to see if we remain in the faith, regarding our right relationship with God and then His Creation (not just other humans either). Prior to getting married I looked to the Scripture to see what God had to say about the matter directly. Imagine my surprise when, over the years later, Christine told me that she knew what God's love was like because of my love for her. And her respect and love of me humbles myself.

This is how we understand to apply the Scripture to our lives, and this is what the congregation of the Kingdom has always struggled with: it is easy for us to show love to Jesus, but do we consider what we do that shows we actually do respect Him?

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I'm not even near perfect, but I know someone who is.

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6/29/16 2:38 P

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What does love "look like" to you? When you picture love, what qualities immediately come to mind as necessary?

Men will often list "respect" as the highest priority - if they don't feel like their woman respects them, then to them it is translated as they are not loved. These are also some of the highest rated qualities listed among men and women (in no particular order):
1. communication (able to talk openly about anything)
2. honesty
3. obedience (we can often feel unloved when someone consistently goes against our wishes)
4. commitment
5. consistency
6. trust

If you were dating, and your partner was unwilling to communicate with you - they were very secretive and closed off - do you think that relationship would last? Would it bloom into a close relationship, would it remain a relationship but without closeness, or would it sizzle out and die? What if your partner consistently went against your wishes? Or if they weren't consistent - one day they were lavishing you with loving words and actions, then the next day they barely even noticed you?

I strongly encourage you to take some time to list your own requirements for a partner - those qualities that you look for and need to ensure an intimate, fulfilling relationship.

Now look at your list. Are YOU that person? These things that you have listed as requirements of love, do you show those qualities to the God you claim to love? Do you have open and honest communication with Him - including listening for Him to speak, taking time uninterrupted for listen? Are you obedient - when He asks you to do something, do you do it quickly and to the best of your ability - or do you argue with Him, suggest a different way of doing things, or procrastinate? Are you consistent towards Him - do you worship, pray, or study more on Sundays than during the week? Do you inadvertently use God - spending the majority of your prayer time asking for things, whether for yourself or others, but little to no time just praising Him for who He is?

This is a harsh word. It's not easy to hear or to swallow. I know, because this is what God asked me a few days ago. I know I so often fail at some of these things. I do not show to Him the love that I would require someone else to show me. Teach us, precious Father, what love truly is - what it looks like in our thoughts, words, and actions. Help us to show you the same love that we ourselves ask of others. We are not worthy of unfailing love, but You show it to us anyway. You alone, God, are truly worthy of our love - help us to love as you richly deserve.

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