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8/6/17 2:35 P

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I had a bilateral mastectomy in 2013 with inserts, and I only had minimal pain the first day after having the inserts enlarged. I think a smaller amount of saline added is maybe why my pain was limited. I went every week for a longer time than if I had a larger amount added etch time.

One thing I noticed at my plastic surgeon's office was how upbeat and friendly his nurses and the entire staff was. The attention I received weekly was somewhat addictive. I nearly looked forward to etch visit. Perhaps this is why some people become addicted to having more and more cosmetic surgery. It's not only the new satisfaction they have with each new surgery, but it may be the concerned attention they get with each office visit.

Perhaps the next thing that I want to say about getting implants is that each week you become larger, and if you had large breasts you might be lulled into thinking that you want breasts as large as you had before. Post surgery if you lose weight which I needed to do and did I found that I didn't fit into some of my tops that I wore before surgery even though I lost weight. Of course I didn't lose weight in my "new" breasts so my clothes fit differently. I think that when you have the implant process it might be a good idea to try on your "before" clothes as you go along, and stop having the increases when you reach the size you were before your surgery, not relying on the mirror approach alone to decide when enough is enough. I wish I had stopped sooner, but I am happy that I chose implants and I chose silicone because they feel more lifelike. They are enclosed in a newer type of implant that is less likely to rupture which caused many women to remove their implants or have them replaced.

I am more than happy with my choice of plastic surgeons and his staff was wonderful. I haven't chosen to have more surgery although if I ever maintain a weight loss I might consider a tummy tuck. I have had an extra fold on my lower abdomen since giving birth to our fourth child who weighed 9 1/2 pounds. Two years later we had our fifth child and my abdomen never recovered. Later I had a hysterectomy (a large fibroid) and now I have scar tissue there. I use Monostat Gel that dries to be powder-like. The gel helps prevent a yeast infection from too much perspiration when I sweat or when it is very and hot and humid outside. So that's my story and opinions as I remember it. I hope this might help someone considering breast reconstruction following a mastectomy.

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10/7/09 11:37 A

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Wow. When I read these messages it only confirms that I made the right decision (for me) not to get implants. I am perfectly happy with my body as it is (bilateral mast) and yes, I have boobs. They are in boxes in my closet should I need them.

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2/16/09 10:13 P

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Dear WantTobeslim - I TOTALLY understand what you are going through. I had bil. mastectomies completed on Sep. 11th, and went through the tissue expansion process, until I had my permanent implants placed in Dec. 4 of 2008. Unfortunately, doctors often don't prepare women for what can be experienced by some as excruciating pain with the tissue expanders.

All I can say, is that the expanders felt like hard rocks jammed in my breast, and was quite excruciating post operatively.

I had to sleep at a 45 degree angle on my couch for about 7 weeks, just because the pressure/pain laying down flat in bed was too painful. I took narcotic pain pills my doctor prescribed, along with flexeril (a muscle relaxer) probably for the first 8 weeks around the clock, then was able to switch to motrin/flexeril combination.

As the expansion process went along, and post operative healing, the pain got better.

The switch to permanents was like night and day! No pain per se after the surgery. So BE ENCOURAGED. Just get throught the expansion process. It is worth it, once you get to the final result.

I chose saline implants and am very happy with them. I am 10 weeks out from my exchange to permanents, and am back to weightlifting and cardio.

I would highly recommend that you check out the website "BreastCancer.org". They have a discussion board where you can post your questions, and get tons of helpful advice and support. In particular I want to mention the discussion thread entitled "Continued expander pain". That particular discussion thread and wonderful ladies helped me SO MUCH through the expansion process.

You will hear so many women share their experience, what works for them to help with pain during the process...tons of emotional support.

Just knowing that what I experienced was actually quite typical, helped me to feel I wasn't alone, and that I wasn't some "unusual case" out there, but what I was experiencing what was common to MANY women.

If you'd like to private mail me, I'd also be happy to answer any more questions you might have. It really will get better.
Hang in there.
God bless you,

"God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work WITHIN US" Ephesians 3:20
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2/16/09 1:35 P

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I'm sorry to hear about your pain (notice I said pain not discomfort, pinch etc.). All I can offer is sympathy. But thanks for sharing the 'real life' experience. Not a day goes by that somebody isn't horrified that I didn't get reconstruction at the time of mast surgery.

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2/16/09 1:24 P

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During my mastectomy on Dec. 11th of last year, a "spacer implant" was inserted. I was told it could be inflated and when fully inflated, would be removed and the permanent implant would be inserted.
No one told me about the pain. My entire left quadrant is in pain constantly unless I take painkillers and sleep.
Holding a glass in my left hand is too heavy. How long does this condition last? Are there exercises? I am seeing my surgeon on Thursday but seeking your personal experiences to help me through.

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