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This is for information only. PLEASE POST YOUR RESULTS ON YOUR CHALLENGE TEAM PAGE. And post questions and comments on the discussion thread. Thanks!
emoticon Challenge #7 Saturday, February 16 - Friday, February 22 emoticon
emoticon DESTINATION - Pairs, France 5,683 Miles - Exercise & No Evening Eating (NEE) & Me

The challenge begins Saturday morning. Exercise & No Evening Eating (NEE) & Me Time done prior to SATURDAY DOES NOT COUNT!!!!!

Paris, France the city of light and love is a major hub for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. Its relatively small 19th-century cityscape, crisscrossed by extra-wide boulevards and the River Seine makes it the perfect city for strolling. Beyond landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the 12th-century, Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral, the city is known for its cafe culture (people watching) and designer boutiques along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. The skyline is protected by UNESCO and buildings are no more than six stories tall, so all of the city has an open view. While there is much to see, don't miss the Louvre. the world's most visited art museum. The City of Light sunsets are not to be missed, so please join me on the rooftop of the Arc de Triomphe, set between the Arch of La Défense and the Eiffel tower. You get there by climbing 284 steps but the panoramic view is worth it!

Choose your adventure bit.ly/2SttlHf

Race - You must exercise to earn air miles to get your team to the destination.

1 minute of exercise = 1 air mile

DAILY MAXIMUM 120 exercise minutes/air miles.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Living the Good Life - No Evening Eating (NEE) & Me Time

Night Eating Syndrome - defined by two core criteria: the ingestion of at least 25% of your daily calories AFTER supper and/or awakening to eat at least three times per week. It has a dramatic impact on the total quantity of food you consume. If you are like me, I never knew there was anything special about my naughty little habit. What? And it even has a name!

Spark says - You may have a problem with evening eating IF:

* MORE than one-third of your meals & snacks are eaten after 5:00 PM
* MORE than one-third of your total calories are consumed after 5:00 PM
* Evening eating constantly occurs with another activity

What 5 PM means is eat 2/3 of you daily calories BEFORE 5 PM and 1/3 after 5 PM. We should aim to eat 2/3 of our calories before dinner, spreading them throughout the day.

We are all aware that time schedules are different for everyone. For someone working the 11 to 7 shift, 5 PM might be 8 or 9 AM. The important thing to remember for the best benefit of the NEE, is eating 2/3 of your calories before your last meal of the day.

Make a list of low-calorie snack options. Select one for the evening (if you are an evening eater). Eat one, but no more.

Is Evening Eating Destroying Your Weight Loss Efforts? Plan activities to do throughout the evening,that do not include food and focus on better sleep habits.


For some of us not eating in the evening is like Intermittent fasting. For me that would be no eating between 5 PM - 7 AM. It's not my aim to do so, but I choose not to eat in the evenings.

Note - If it’s late at night and you’re about to start eating, go to bed rather than wandering into the kitchen. Do not reward yourself with food for staying up late. Late-night snacking can add an extra 500 calories to your daily intake!

emoticon Summary

Record all exercise minutes. It's 5,683 Miles Exercise Minutes/Air miles. DAILY MAXIMUM 120 exercise minutes/miles.

Scoring: 1 minute of exercise = 1 air mile

Living the Good Life: No Evening Eating & Me Time

No evening eating (NEE) except for one planned low-calorie snack (200 calories or less) or none = 20 points (all or nothing)

Me Time = 15 points (daily maximum)

We will record this on one thread. (example)

Exercise: 30
NEE: 20
Me Time: 15

Team Exercise: 600 + 30 = 630
Team NEE: 80 + 20 = 100
Me Time: 60 + 15 = 75

****Remember if for any reason your health does not allow you to participate in a challenge please does not attempt it. Always follow your doctor's orders.

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