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7/24/07 12:19 A

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I have Albertsons and Stater Bros in town and a Trader Joes 1.5-2 hours away depending on which city i drive to. All have a variety of products. Lightlife and Yves tend to be in the produce section, usually in the organics. Also Melissa's. They are the mock meats. Tofu is available everywhere. We also have a health food store, but I rarely shop there b/c the prices are double what the usual stores sell at. In frozen: MSF, GB, boca, Amy's (some), Quorn (not vegan). Dairy/cereal aisles: silk, tofutti, westsoy, wholesoy, soy/rice dream, kikkoman pearl, pacific, 8th continent, harvest organics, and more.
Also, Tofurky brand.

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7/23/07 9:43 A

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We really eat alot of veggies and fruit. In the summer it's a joy, many items can be found freshand we even grow some. Last night we had a lovely salad, (we grow our sprouts which is so easy) and we made a pot of beets, whole potatoes, corn for my husband and when that was done, we added the beet tops and some chard to cook a few minutes and that is a fabulous meal. We do buy tofu and some of the meat replacements from time to time....and goat or sheep cheese....I'm not so sure of. I have been using almond milk unsweetened in my shakes in the am. Some of the frozen things have quite a lot of sodium which I seem to be sensitive to, so I don't use them. We use wasa crackers and buy several oatmeal products from the Wellness Forum, what I'm saying I guess is we really keep it very simple. Spices we use are garlic, sea salt, pepper, tumeric...a website I found some recipes is www.fatfreevegan.com
I get dried fruit, and flaxseed at a local coop, the asian market (which is cheaper for dried mushrooms and tofu) Wholefoods is ok, but sort of pricey. We like a local grocery store nearby oddly enough for fruit and veggies which we can't grow or find locally. I do like Trader Joes for some things....frozen berries in the winter, which I use in my shakes in the morning, and the cheeses. Soap...I have a health food store that I use sparingly. Not for food - suppliments that I can't find anywhere else cheaper! I'd appreciate any ideas on the subject as well! I really found the Wellness 101 (nutrition etc) class very helpful. They also offer cooking classes - but my husband hasn't felt that we need any help in this area. We have bought cookbooks and we are experimenting on our own. I wouldn't mind taking the classes myself. Enjoy your day! donna

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7/23/07 8:52 A

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I think the answer is really going to depend on what size town/city you live in. I have been a vegetarian for 25+ years. In the beginning (medium sized town) I could only shop in a couple of health food stores and then I'd go to Chinatown for tofu. Most of the food was heavy and healthy and not too tasty. Boy, how the times have changed. I can find tons of great veggie food in my big-chain grocery store (granted I do live in a very large city so the demand is greater). Even smaller grocery stores will have some tofu, some veggie sandwich slices or some frozen vegetarian meals. When I lived in a very small farming community (they were meat and potato folks for the most part), I found a little haven inside a 7th Day Adventist Church (they didn't HAVE to be Vegetarian but most of them were). To help their members, the church ran a little grocery store in the basement that sold a huge variety of veggie food (non-gelatin "Jell0"!!). So, even though I wasn't a church member, I did a lot of my shopping there. I would suggest not getting too fancy with your grocery shopping in the beginning. Maybe I'm just feeling a little sensitive about specialty food stores lately since I am really trying to lower my grocery bill and I never seem to be able to walk out of my local specialty store for under $50, when I only went in for a package of engivita yeast! Focus on the produce section (obviously), throw in some tofu and beans and you're set. Can you find tempeh in the freezer of your store? I'm really enjoying marinating it in some soy sauce and garlic, grilling it and then topping a salad with a few slices for a punch of protein and great taste. Another staple is tetra-pacs of soft tofu. They can sit in the cupboard until I need them for a salad dressing base (throw in some capers, garlic, lemon and herbs, Yum) or I throw in some really ripe bananas, peaches or berries and you have instant fruit pudding. I hope you have a good time exploring all the new vegan food out there today.

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7/23/07 8:22 A

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Vegan/Vegetarian products? Can I find mostly everything at the local grocery store or do I need to get some items at the health food stores? And what aisles do I find the products on?(beside the obvious frozen food section for Morning Star etc, I know where to find those). I want to start making my own homemade vegan meals, I'm not too sure where to start. Any help would be great, or any products that are favorites you could share.

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