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8/18/07 8:25 P

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I think it's a matter of definition of terms. Items created recently to cater to veg'ns, items made to pretend to be things that people who used to eat meat might still want, tend to be made of soy.

Burgers, sausage, cheese, milk, ice cream, fake turkey and fake lunch meat, for example, come to mind.

On the other hand, the vast majority of veggie -- and vegan -- foods simply aren't labeled or promoted that way, because they are the foods that have made up the bulk of the human diet for thousands of years.

Rice, oats, corn, wheat, quinoa, millet, beans, peas, lentils, potatoes, hard squashes, carrots, beets, greens, green veggies, yellow veggies, tomatoes, peppers, fruits...the variety is endless.

I am allergic to milk, eggs and soybeans. I can eat very happily and healthily by choosing my foods from the things I can eat, instead of focusing on what I can't eat.

The meal planning chapter from my cookbook, __But What DO You Eat?__ is posted as a message on the Whole Foods for Health team. (Link on my SparkPage.) It might give you some ideas.

Bear in mind -- that cookbook was designed to help omnivores feel comfortable feeding veggies as guests, so the suggestions are for veggie meals with optional non-veg add-ons for omnis.

But, to start you off, I'll list some "patterns" I use. (This is going to be stream of consciousness.)

Over / under:
Under: baked potato, mashed potato, brown rice, polenta, millet, couscous, toast, cornbread, rolls, etc.
Over: baked beans, bean stew, veggie stew, thick soup, such as split pea, lentils in sauce, stir fried veggies, beans straight from the can.

Examples: Canned kidney beans, heated and served over w/w toast. (One of my go-to meals.) Split pea soup over baked potato. Chili over brown rice, or macaroni. Classic oriental stir fries, which allow for endless variety.

Combination meals, served with a salad or other veggie: macaroni and cheese, risotto with veggies, pasta casserole (think lasagna), veggie stew that includes potatoes or another starch.

Side by side -- pick from: soups, salads, sandwiches.

Salad plate -- pick from: veggie salads (three bean, carrot slaw, cabbage slaw, etc.), starchy salads (macaroni, potato, rice) and higher protein salads.

Think about the traditional cuisine of almost any ethnic group. The real traditional cuisine, not the Americanized version. You'll find grains, beans and veggies.

Although I have included beans in my example, it is not necessary to include them to have a nutritionally adequate diet. I am allergic to all legumes. I can eat varieties other than soy and peanuts in small quantities, but I still eat less of them than many veg'ns.

(If you aren't vegan, oh my! Some of my favorite lunches during college consisted of bread cubes topped with cheese cubes and hot soup. Whole wheat with colby and tomato soup, or rye with swiss and split pea. It was homemade bread. I could take the bread and cheese in a bowl with a lid, heat the soup in a microwave at school and pour it over. Mmmm.)

You might want to look for The New Laurel's Kitchen, 1986, Robertson, Flinders and Ruppenthal. It's out of print but readily available used or at libraries. It has extensive material on meal planning, with lots of sample menus, as well as extensive material on veg'n nutrition, with 100 pages of supporting text.

I also suggest you read anything by Dr. John McDougall, especially The McDougall Program: 12 Days to Dynamic Health, or any of the cookbooks he has authored with his wife Mary.

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8/18/07 3:57 P

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To add to lybbe's list: some tempeh doesn't have soy, seitan, quinoa

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8/18/07 3:49 P

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fruit, vegetables, lentils, nuts, beans, rice, pasta

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8/18/07 3:45 P

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I cant eat soy and it seems that everything veggie has soy in it (I can't eat alot of egg either) does anyone know how to eat veggie and not eat soy?

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