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1/14/13 1:43 P

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Awesome! Thanks for all these great reminders and for the links. emoticon




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1/14/13 11:31 A

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Hey Everyone,

Here is are a few things to think about when swimming backstroke.

1. Keep you head back, chin out of your chest. This position will help you keep the proper alignment of the spine and keep you hips up.

2. Keep your head still. Roll your shoulders when you stroke, NOT your head. Think of your head as a rudder on a boat. Where your head goes your body will follow. Keeping your head still will keep you from zig-zagging across your lane.

3. Roll your shoulders. As you are swimming roll your shoulder as your hands hit the water in front of your head. This is a natural motion so use it to your advantage.

4. Keep your arms straight on your recovery. For you new swimmers, the recovery is the part of your stroke when your arms are out of the water. Your hands should hit the water with your arms straight at the 1 o'clock position (for your left arm) and the 11 o'clock position (for your right arms. Don't bend those elbows or wrists.

5. Drop your elbow: On the underwater portion of the stroke, drop your elbow below the plane of your body as you push through your stroke. You are not a windmill, so bend your arms underwater.

6. Push all the way through the stroke. Your hands should finish next to your thighs not your hips.

7. Kick with your feet not your knees. The dolphin kick is only for use after you push off the wall. When doing the flutter kick, use small kicks with your feet not your knees. You aren't riding a bike, so keep your legs straight but relaxed at the knees and your toes pointed when you are kicking.

8. Remember, in backstroke the kick is more for balance in the water than for propulsion through the water.

9. Breathe. I use a 4 count so I don't hyperventilate.

10. For more advanced backstrokers: Thumbs out of the water first, pinkies in the water first during your stroke. Keep your palms facing out on your recovery.

I have included links to two videos I think can help you. The first is a You Tube video of Olympian Ryan Lockte. Watch it several times. Notice his body position, how still his head is, how he rolls his shoulders, and how he finishes his stroke at his thigh.

The next is more of a teaching video from All America backstoker Dan Kutler. While his terminology isn't the best, he breaks the stroke down nicely and he hits all of the major points of the stroke I referred to earlier. I have included 2 backstroke videos here (you need to wait for the commercial in between).

I can't think of two better tutors, can you?

Hope this helps.

Until next time, STAY WET and JUICE to you!

Jonny Mac

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