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3/12/13 2:09 P

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Yes... where is Jen?

***** Laurie in Northeast Ohio *****

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3/12/13 10:24 A

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Jen - long time no see - is all ok?

Nikkii - hi and welcome!!! You're not the first person here who has struggled with a fear of water. Go you for starting to conquer that fear!!! Try to be patient with yourself as fears aren't rational and are hard to conquer. But it's totally doable!! Swim lessons sound like a great way to gradually ease yourself into it. Why 3 of 6? Can you take some more? Also, is there a way for you to work on getting comfortable in a more shallow pool to start? I know a lot of members here have struggled with a fear of water - I know heathill and I believe goriana has as well. If they don't see this post, feel free to message them and say I sent you.

Keep working, be patient. And I know you can do this!!


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3/11/13 10:38 P

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Swimming Lessons Day 3 of 6: Swam about a yard today. Still a little fearful of the depth. Can someone please give me tip to get over this fear. Bless u

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3/5/13 10:35 A

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I'd rely on my Heart rate if I had a reasonable number for my max HR. The standard formulas do not work for everyone.

I use Bensons Heart Rate Training book. I'm not primarily a swimmer, so I have not done the swimming tests. I'll give you the short discription of how to find your maximum HR while swimming. 500 yd easy warm up. Then swim 100 yards as fast as you can three times with 30 sec rest between sets. Record you HR at the end of the third 100 yard and use this as your max HR. I'd suggest you get the HR book and read the more complete information.

So the two possibilities I see is that your actual max HR is higher than what you have been using for your training. The other possibility is that you think you should be more winded than you really need to be. I like the description that you can talk, but would have difficulty singing.

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3/5/13 10:09 A

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Uneducated perspective - when I'm doing a longer set, as opposed to sprinting, it's about finding a pace that I can consistently do for that period of time. I get MUCH more out of breath when sprinting than when I'm, say, swimming a mile for time. And I think that's necessary for the increased distance.

The same thing happened with me when I was running - when I'd do 400yd sprints, I'd be MUCH more winded between sprints than when I went and ran 8 miles. It's not really feasible to get yourself so winded AND increase distance at the same time. They work towards different goals.

And I think having your heart rate pegged is MUCH more reliable than whether or not you can chat. Plus, the different breathing in swimming, the more rhythmic nature of it, seems to make that idea more confusing.

In any case - I think you're rocking it and that the fact that you're not winded constantly has to do with getting in better shape. With regards to increasing arm speed, perhaps use paddles to build the muscles up more, so that when you're without them it'll be easier to move quicker?

Hope that helps!


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3/5/13 9:05 A

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I am running into a weird sort of roadblock. Could be mental, could be physical. I have been swimming at least four days a week since early January. Started at 30 minutes/800 yards, increased to 1000 yards in early Feb, then 35 minutes/1200 yards. This is not all 'straight', I do some kicking, 75 IMs (no butterfly yet - don't want to embarrass myself), break it up into sprints, 50s, 100s......I bought a HRM back in February and I have been able to keep my HR right around my top level for training, getting it there quickly and maintaining for the duration of the swim. But I am running up against two things - I don't think I am increasing my arm speed and I am definitely not getting too winded. You know how they say you should be struggle to carry on a conversation? I finished a mile today (go me - TIGER BLOOD!) in 42 minutes. My arms were tired, my HR was pegged, but I was not gasping for breath. I think that if I could increase my arm speed I could increase my WO efficiency.

So - any tips, tricks? I have not purchased any swim gear (hand paddles, fins) and I am at a point where I could 'reward' my good results. Do I need to start doing sets of sprints? Do I need to start imagining I am swimming away from sharks which lurk in drains? (that used to work when I was a kid - no one was faster over the drain than I was.) I am willing to increase my WO time to 45 minutes in the morning (I still have to walk dog before I drive in, which is 40 minute drive, so any earlier and I am going to have to get up at 3:30, and that might make me pretty cranky.)

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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