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5/14/10 9:18 P

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Kris hun I don't really have a concrete answer for you But I too have been living in the dark for 4 years now My husband and daughter live with me but I stay in my room where it is always dark I dont allow lights on there because they physically hurt me.My doctor put me on vitiman D with calcium for absorbsion Hope it helps a bit

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5/3/10 11:05 A

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5/2/10 2:47 P

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Hello Kris,

It seems like protective clothing would be a very good place to start. I once had a strange skin thing after too much sun. I was treated for free at a teaching dermatologist school and only had to allow the students to observe my tan skin covered in white freckles. It was decades ago and I have had no recurrence and am fine in the sun now. So there are options for you. Since you have the internet it would be good to utilize it to research help for your light sensitivity.
I do wish you the best.

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4/10/10 3:36 P

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Thankyou, Kay. I know the reason behind what started this fear and allergy I just never realized it would be this debilitating. I am angry with media and articles I've read for being the catalyst for my fears. Sadly, I've created a horrible reality for myself that has actually manifested physically. Appreciate the bible verse. I started out as a Christian and I am in the most debilitating way of my life. A Crossroad that seemed dead ended. I have let the enemy ruin most of my life and I wish God would change that for me. God Bless.


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4/10/10 12:54 P

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I am sorry for your situation. There are people who are allergic to the sun, but most just have to wear protective clothing that is available through dermatologist or allergists. I have a lot of allergies & have, at times, had a mild rash due to sun. I don't know if you've tried these kind of docs, but they might be able to help!

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4/9/10 12:43 P

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Hello my name is Kris and I am scared to death. I am EXTREMELY sensitive to sunlight and flourescent lights and have been for almost three years. I feel hopeless. I can't find a decent job because work from home jobs seem to be scams and I'm not sure which direction I should go in. I eat very healthy although I think my metabolism has slowed since I eat a lot before bed which is anywhere from 9 am to 3pm depending on when I settle down and I can wake up anywhere from 5pm to 3am. I felt much healthier at least when I had a set sleep regimen of eight hours going to bed same time and waking up same time every day (usually 10 am to 6pm) but now sleep is all over the place and because of stress and hopelessness because of job situation, I am eating more carbs (fruit, grains and beans and lot of oils) in the morning and early afternoon. I don't have any hope of living a regular day lifestyle, again since I rash and hive when exposed to sunlight. I don't know exAct reason but I don't have health insurance even though usually when I have been tested through reg bloodwork, my blood comes back normal. How am I supposed to get adequate vitamin D if I can't get any sun? Going nuts. If anyone wants to reach me through phone or email, my number is 818 799-3123 and e-mail is walzkristin@yahoo.com. I used to spend so many years frying in the sun and tanning salons in NJ so I wasn't born like this. I live in Los Angeles so I feel like I'm a gonner. I moved to LA to get into acting and I can't even go out during the day to go to the store if I have to. Even light that comes into my apt bothers me so I live in darkness. HELP!! I don't want any pills or creams since I have tried this.

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