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7/26/10 12:24 P

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You may want to look into a team with a focus on gaining weight... and I did find one! :D

Need to Gain Weight


I hope this helps, and you can find the support you need!

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7/18/10 10:45 A

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thank you for responding but as i think i tried to point out, it is AS difficult to force down food as it is to push it away. in fact, in ways it's worse because i actually gag on the food. it gets stuck and i can't swallow. i take a lot of immodium which i know is not good, but at least i "keep" what i do manage to eat. my bowels get so HYPER, that food, when i do eat, doesn't agree with me. i am totally lactose intolerant, and once i build myself up from toast with jelly, jello, you know, the clear liquids, then bananas, mild bland things, i'm fine for a while but then introducing new foods starts up the bad tummy, or i have such a bummer day of a mood that food is NOT on my mind. i know stress is a key factor here. but i do feel badly talking about weight loss as a bad thing here, but let me tell you all........
i started out OVER,, needing to lose at least 50 pounds in an effort to control my cholesterol better without just meds. but then, life, muhahahaha,,,well, the stress levels went through the roof, i am deeply depressed, yes, see a therapist, yes, have tried all the meds, it's just cood old chronic depression that keeps coming back,,that thrown in with all of life's other health issues and financial of my loved ones and stress becomes the illness.
this comes out in many ways. when my mom died, being the only daughter, everyone thought i would be the one to "freak" out. funny, i was the calm one. i was in control of myself. now, two years later, here i am. this is how, i think, losing her is affecting me. no, i didn't freak. i am just depressed. very sad and lonely without her. one of the best things we did together all the time my kids were growing up,,,,was go to lunch everyday and then shop, shop and shop somemore,,,,mostly for food !!!
it's all changed now.
so, i can use any kind of friend. we are people facing life's challenges and stumbling blocks. we use food as so much more than a way to stay alive.
so, underweight as i am right now, i have been overweight and lost, and gained,,,
hope someone is there !!

7/17/10 1:05 A

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i believe that you will have to actively act to force your se;f to eat

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7/16/10 11:10 A

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i know i'm in the wrong place, but what else is new. I need to GAIN weight..though i began by needing to lose about 45,,but ended up going way beyond that. i should have stopped at 115,,i should be 120,,, started out at over 160..somehow, by not eating and eating and eating i shut off the hunger signal from my brain. now i have no appetite at all. i actually FORGET to eat. i go so long without eating that when i finally do, i (ick) lose it all in the toilet because my stomach becomes a mess and cannot handle food when i finally do eat so i end up losing more than i actually ate. I am not anorexic; at least i don't think so because i don't want to be this way,,,i try to eat and i want to gain weight. but i also thought that just being on a healthy diet, would mean actually EATING, exercising, yeah, burns calories, but i am weakened, my muscles have atrophied...i have a back disability and have difficulty moving around. driving is almost impossible, so i am basically housebound. my husband works all the time except sundays.
i have tried to make friends, but at my age, without working, i have been unable to do so. volunteering doesn't work for me. i am developing agoraphobia and now am having anxiety attacks if i even think about going out. the only thing that gets me out is if i have a "mission",,like my husband needs to get to the hospital,, which just happened recently,, he is now type 1 diabetic with severe gout that is out of control.
so i was able to get back and forth tot he hospital but that was it. he does all the shopping and errands. i have a counselor that comes here to my house, but we just met so we haven't gotten very far. she wants me to walk around the complex,,, i have already been doing that. it doesn't relieve the anxiety,,it brings it on worse. but she says it's the only way to get over it.
when it comes to FOOD...like i said,, i forget to eat. you know when i get hungry? when my bowels are in an uproar and i CAN'T handle food except toast with jelly, then i crave everything but it's all like poison to me.
can anyone help me; befriend me; somehow relate to me even though my weight needs to go up rather than down,,,i think everything else might be the same for people on "diets",, or changing their lifestyles trying to become healthier. i have so many emotional problems it interferes with focusing on eating. i can hear some of you now; oh you are so lucky you get to eat whatever you want and all you want,,,,, that's not so easy, like i have said. forcing food is just as bad as not eating. and getting sick on it after you do eat,,,well,,just like someone overweight, i have to watch everything i eat, i have to try to get in some walking to start and learn to be "out of this room",,,and somehow deal with my loneliness.
i'm here if there's anyone there.

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