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To be updated with future challenges.

For centuries, the tiny village of Hinobin lived in peace and prosperity under the crags of Mount Mero. Several months ago the vile dragon Karolax arrived and took up residence on the mountain. Karolax has become a terror to the town; she has eaten its live stock, and demands tributes of gold and silver.

(Nov. 2014)

After the defeat of Karolax, peace returned to the tiny village of Hinobin and our merry band of heroes packed up their bags and set out looking for new adventure.

While approaching the River Yule (couldn't resist), the band sought shelter from a sudden blizzard within a cave. Much to their dismay, the cave was occupied by Terrible Trogo the Troll!

Trogo is upset that he has been awakened! He offered peace in exchange for a live goat, but sadly the party was fresh out. The troll now insists that it will feast on adventurer's flesh!

(Dec. 2014)

Tragor has been slumbering for lo, these many years. But at the death of its cousin Karolax [sic, Trogo], it awaked, and it awakened HUNGRY and MAD! But, we, dear adventurer's, have the chance to give it the same as his cousin got.

Notes: Tragor couldn't regenerate, but could be damaged by magic.

(Jan. 2015)

As Tragor, kin of the fallen Karolax [sic, Trogo], lay slain at the adventurers' feet, a mischievous chuckle can be heard. Suddenly, a red and white blur zips between the victorious revelers. Before anyone has a chance to respond, a little man with wings and a bow hovers before them wearing... a diaper?! He holds everyone's spell component pouches in a hand as he shoves them into his sole article of clothing.

"So much hate. Why not love?!
Can't we all just rise above
This petty feud, this dreary fight?
Or know you only strength and might?
A test for you, I must convey
If I must stoop to your harsh way.
Yes! I know! A race to town!
Beat me there or take me down!"

With that, Cupid flies with speed towards the nearest town some 150 miles away!

(Feb. 2015)

As time passed for the villagers of Hinobin, they realized that the dragon Karolax must have awoken something deep within Mount Mero, for the troll brothers were only the beginning.

After Cupid made the adventurers race to the next town, they found themselves having to run back to protect Hinobin from yet another threat--the fire-mage Palazar Nightshade.

Palazar Nightshade was searching for the ones who had killed Karolax; he was certain they had what he was looking for.

(Oct. 2018)

To Be Continued...

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