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BOOK_WORM_2010's Photo BOOK_WORM_2010 Posts: 136
10/14/10 11:51 A

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My biggest problem is chocolate

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10/6/10 7:06 A

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My biggest problems is Tropicana orange juice. Yeah it doesn't have a ton of calories, but I can easily drink 300-500 calories a day of it. It was even more before I started counting. Besides, it's causing me to go over my carb limit (has 26g) and under my protein (only has 2g). And worst of all, it's a liquid so I'm still hungry after guzzling it!

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8/3/10 9:08 P

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I've been thinking about this a lot. And I think my true weakness is baking. I LOVE to bake, anything. cookies, cakes, you name it. I've always been pretty good about not going over board on sweets, as it does make me feel a little sick if I eat too much sugar. (Supposed to get my insulin resistance checked at my next thyroid blood panel, so maybe that has something to do with it.)

But all in all, I'm a pretty healthy eater. I always have little yogurt cups, almonds, raisins, baby carrots, kiwis, bananas, and hummus on hand for snacking.

I have made a few changes, ie: brown rice instead of white, over the last few weeks, but mostly its the same. My *most* used items in the pantry are Del Monte diced tomatoes with jalapenos, and black beans, and probably sweet potatoes. I can make quite a few different recipes with those few items, which are low fat, add a good amount of protein, and flavor :D

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RAEJOHNSON1014 Posts: 28
7/8/10 2:19 P

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My enemy is canned cream of mushroom soup. I use it in a ton of recipes and my hips show it. It's just so simple to use but so bad for you. Any ideas on a decent substitute?

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6/26/10 11:17 A

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Some months ago for some unknown reason I decided to replace lunch with 1 protein bar. I live in Italy where lunch is the most important meal of the day so it was NOT funny at all watching fiancè and kids eating pasta while I was "enjoying" a little, stupid, boring, tasteless protein bar.
The result: no energy, no joy, no good mood and at 5 o'clock I was literally starving and worst of all...no weight loss!
After 2 weeks I realized it was useless continuing, I just couldn't stand the sight of these bars anymore, and I replaced them with a fresh salad or a fruitsalad with some walnuts.- healthy,satisfying foods that make me happy and that you can vary in 1000 of ways!
Today's salad: Rocket, lettuce, cucumber, some white beans (canned to make it easier), grated carrots and tuna (canned in water). Delicious and it took 10 minutes to make it!
Long live the veggies emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon .....and a glass of wine emoticon Mari

6/25/10 8:01 P

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Around 3:00 every day at work, I eat a little container of applesauce. It has 80 calories in it so I look at it as a healthy snack. Problem is, I'm still hungry when I'm done and I'm eating a granola bar by 5. I realized yesterday when I was halfway through my applesauce cup that I was only eating it because (a) I was hungry and (b) it was low-cal. It didn't solve problem (a) and I can find plenty of other low-cal option that aren't pre-packaged and still leave me with that deep rumble.

That led me to take a look at the rest of my "staples", or things that I eat regularly because they fit into my nutritional goals, and they're easy. What else can I replace? What isn't really getting the job done? I'm wasting 80 calories on this applesauce that leaves me starving, when I could be spending those calories (plus the 140 in my granola bar) on something more satisfying and probably more nutritional.

I get the most creative at breakfast. I try to keep a good mixture of fresh fruits, veggies, and various proteins on hand. My breakfasts are a little different nearly every day, and they're always healthy. I just don't apply that creativity to lunch because I'm "too busy" (in reality, just used to the convenience of packaged stuff), so I fall back on my staples.

Take a look at the things you tend to eat every day, even if they're healthy or low-cal. Are they getting the job done, or are you left hungry and without energy because you figured the 80 calorie container of applesauce was better than the 160 calorie snack of cheese and crackers?

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